34 Facts About Keith Jackson

1. Keith Jackson announced he would retire from college football play-by-play after the 1998 season but ended up continuing with ABC Sports.

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2. Keith Jackson began calling college football games for ABC Sports when it acquired the broadcast rights for NCAA football in 1966.

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3. Keith Jackson can be an actor, known for ArtHouse.

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4. Keith Jackson has appeared in and narrated several sports documentaries.

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5. Keith Jackson officially announced his retirement on April 27, 2006, noting he didn't want to "die in a stadium parking lot.

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6. Keith Jackson concluded the program by stating "Tennessee 23, Florida State 16.

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7. Keith Jackson has often referred to offensive and defensive line players as the Big Uglies, or to an individual by saying "That guy.

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8. Keith Jackson called various Monday Night Baseball and other regular-season games for ABC throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s.

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9. Keith Jackson was the weekend afternoon host for ABC's final Olympics in 1988 from Calgary.

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10. Keith Jackson was offered the position of play-by-play for hockey, but turned it down.

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11. Keith Jackson called all three championship games in the league's short history.

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12. Keith Jackson graduated in 1954 with a degree in speech communications.

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13. Keith Jackson was the early leader for the Lobos On Iona's ensuing possession, Manigault got a steal and dished it out to Keith McGee, who was fouled on the way up for a shot.

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14. Keith Jackson named permanent dean of College of Creative Arts.

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15. Keith Jackson was portrayed by actor Shuler Hensley in the 2002 made-for-cable film Monday Night Mayhem, which aired on TNT.

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16. Keith Jackson appeared in "The Legend of Gatorade" ads, which he humorously alluded to during his live coverage of the 2006 Rose Bowl.

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17. Keith Jackson has appeared in numerous commercials, especially in the latter stages of his career.

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18. Keith Jackson has had a minor career as an actor, often either playing himself, as on an episode of Coach; or a sportscaster like himself, as in The Fortune Cookie, appearing in the first speaking role of the film "Football Announcer" as a CBS play-by-play man, a network for whom he never worked.

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19. Keith Jackson failed to see or comment on Hayes' actions, which had been captured from a different vantage point on camera.

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20. Keith Jackson would call the 1972 USC Trojans football team the greatest team he ever saw.

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21. In the 1990s, Keith Jackson recorded videos for the centennial of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

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22. Keith Jackson is credited with coining the nickname for Michigan Stadium, The Big House.

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23. Keith Jackson was joined in the booth by Joe Paterno for the 1974 Michigan-Ohio State game in Columbus, while Woody Hayes accompanied him for the 1974 Notre Dame-USC game.

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24. Keith Jackson was a regular part of ABC's popular Wide World of Sports, covering both popular sports and obscure events like wrist wrestling.

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25. Keith Jackson called speed skating and ski jumping at the 1984 Winter Olympics.

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26. Keith Jackson covered swimming at the 1972 Summer Olympics and track and field at the 1976 Summer Games.

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27. Keith Jackson was involved in the ABC coverage of the 1972 Summer Olympics and continued to contribute even when an attack by Palestinian terrorists transformed the coverage from that of a typical sporting event to a greater international and historical news event.

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28. Keith Jackson was the lead play-by-play announcer for the United States Football League broadcasts on ABC from 1983 to 1985.

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29. Keith Jackson found out that he had been taken off the Monday Night package from 38 messages, not from Roone Arledge himself.

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30. In the early 1960s, Keith Jackson covered American Football League games.

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31. In 1958, Keith Jackson became the first American sports announcer to broadcast an event from the Soviet Union, a crew race between the Washington Huskies and a Soviet team.

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32. Keith Jackson began his career as a broadcaster in 1952, when he called on radio a game between Stanford and Washington State.

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33. Keith Jackson began as a political science major, but he became interested in broadcasting.

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34. Son of a dirt farmer, Keith Jackson was born in Roopville, Georgia and grew up on a farm outside Carrollton, near the Alabama state line.

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