30 Facts About Keith Richards

1. In 1965, Keith Richards used a Gibson Maestro fuzzbox to achieve the distinctive tone of his riff on Satisfaction"; the success of the resulting single boosted the sales of the device to the extent that all available stock had sold out by the end of 1965.

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2. Keith Richards appeared in the 2011 documentary Toots and the Maytals: Reggae Got Soul, which was featured on BBC and described as "The untold story of one of the most influential artists ever to come out of Jamaica".

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3. On 28 October 2008, Keith Richards appeared at the Musicians' Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee, joining the newly inducted Crickets on stage for performances of "Peggy Sue", "Not Fade Away", and "That'll Be the Day".

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4. Keith Richards donated the fee for his involvement to the Climate Project, an organisation for raising environmental awareness.

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5. Keith Richards reprised his role in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, released in May 2011.

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6. Keith Richards made a cameo appearance as Captain Teague, the father of Captain Jack Sparrow, in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, released in May 2007, and won the Best Celebrity Cameo award at the 2007 Spike Horror Awards for the role.

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7. Keith Richards was cremated and I couldn't resist grinding him up with a little bit of blow.

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8. On 26 February 2012 Keith Richards paid tribute to fellow musicians Chuck Berry and Leonard Cohen, who were the recipients of the first annual PEN Awards for songwriting excellence at the JFK Presidential Library in Boston, Massachusetts.

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9. In 2012, Keith Richards joined the 11th annual Independent Music Awards judging panel to assist independent musicians' careers.

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10. Keith Richards was cited by the BBC as one of the "8 pop's stars having a strange food obsession".

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11. Keith Richards is a keen fan of the British traditional delicacy, the shepherd's pie.

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12. Keith Richards met his future wife, model Patti Hansen, in 1979.

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13. Keith Richards was given a suspended sentence and put on probation for one year, with orders to continue treatment for heroin addiction and to perform a benefit concert on behalf of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind after a blind fan testified on his behalf.

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14. Keith Richards was tried in October 1978, pleading guilty to possession of heroin.

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15. In 1994 Keith Richards said his image was "like a long shadow.

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16. Since the 1980s Keith Richards has made more frequent guest appearances.

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17. In December 1974 Keith Richards made a guest appearance at a Faces concert.

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18. Since the 1980s Keith Richards has chalked up numerous production and co-production credits on projects with other artists including Aretha Franklin, Johnnie Johnson, and Ronnie Spector, as well as on his own albums with the X-Pensive Winos.

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19. Keith Richards was credited as producer and musical director on the 1966 album Today's Pop Symphony, one of manager Andrew Loog Oldham's side projects, although there are doubts about how much Richards was actually involved with it.

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20. Keith Richards has written and recorded slow torchy ballads, such as "You Got the Silver", "Coming Down Again" (1973), "All About You" (1980) and "Slipping Away" (1989).

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21. Keith Richards played percussion on select Rolling Stones tracks, such as the floor tom on "Jumpin' Jack Flash", tambourine on "Infamy" (2005), and bicycle spokes on "Continental Drift" (1989).

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22. Keith Richards played them live during two Ronnie Wood concerts and the New Barbarians' 1979 tour.

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23. Keith Richards played bass guitar on several Rolling Stones' studio recordings, including "Sympathy for the Devil" and "Happy" (1972), as well as for his side project, the Dirty Mac.

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24. Keith Richards has sung backing vocals on every Rolling Stones album.

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25. Keith Richards plays acoustic guitar on many Rolling Stones' tracks, including "Play with Fire", "Brown Sugar", and "Angie".

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26. Keith Richards met Jagger on a train as Jagger was heading for classes at the London School of Economics.

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27. At this point, Keith Richards had learned most of Chuck Berry's solos.

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28. Keith Richards attended Wentworth Primary School with Mick Jagger and was his neighbour until 1954, when the family moved.

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29. Keith Richards was born on 18 December 1943 at Livingston Hospital, in Dartford, Kent, England.

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30. Keith Richards is a vocalist, singing backing vocals on many Rolling Stones songs as well as occasional lead vocals, such as on the Rolling Stones' 1972 single "Happy", as well as with his side project, the X-Pensive Winos.

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