20 Facts About Kelly Reichardt


Kelly Reichardt is an American film director and screenwriter.


Kelly Reichardt is known for her minimalist films closely associated with slow cinema, many of which deal with working-class characters in small, rural communities.


Kelly Reichardt was born in 1964 and raised in Miami, Florida.


Kelly Reichardt developed a passion for photography when she was young.


Kelly Reichardt's parents were law enforcement officers who separated when she was young.


Kelly Reichardt earned her MFA at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.


In 1999, Kelly Reichardt completed her second feature, Ode, based on Herman Raucher's novel Ode to Billy Joe.


Kelly Reichardt won the top award at the 2016 London Film Festival for Certain Women.


In October 2016, Kelly Reichardt revealed that on her next film she would collaborate with author Patrick DeWitt on an adaptation of his novel Undermajordomo Minor, which might be shot outside of the US In October 2018, it was announced that Kelly Reichardt had put Undermajordomo Minor on hold and would instead reunite with Raymond to direct First Cow, an adaptation of his novel The Half-Life.


Kelly Reichardt's films have not been big box-office successes, with Certain Women the most successful at $1.1 million.


Kelly Reichardt is an Artist-in-Residence in the Film and Electronic Arts program at Bard College.


Kelly Reichardt has received a 2009 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship and a 2011 United States Artists Fellowship.


Kelly Reichardt has called her films "just glimpses of people passing through".


Kelly Reichardt is interested in characters "who don't have a net, who if you sneezed on them, their world would fall apart".


Kelly Reichardt has confirmed that the character Meek was meant to resemble Bush.


Kelly Reichardt has said that she enjoys films that let the audience find their own way in and come to their own conclusions.


Kelly Reichardt's films contain feminist ideas in both style and content, rejecting mainstream commercial filmmaking methods and focusing on gender, but she rejects the label "feminist filmmaker".


Kelly Reichardt rejects mainstream methods by using small budgets, filming on location, and refusing to romanticize her characters and their struggles.


Kelly Reichardt diverges from the mainstream with her films' avant-garde content.


Kelly Reichardt has frequently collaborated with actress Michelle Williams, saying that she enjoys Williams's confidence and inquisitive nature, and that she can never guess what she's going to do.