23 Facts About Kemonozume


Kemonozume fell in love with Toshihiko as the two have fled from their past lives.

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Kemonozume's aim is to rid the world of Shokujinki with the help of a Mecha-like Buster Suit that he has personally developed.

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Kemonozume even seduces him into a tryst after an argument with Yuka.

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Kemonozume kept her arms as his and cloned her body multiple times; in a sick attempt to make her his.

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Kemonozume has a gift for making origami and gives them as gifts.

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Kemonozume first appears in episode 3, apparently sent by Kazuma and the Kifuken to find Toshihiko.

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Kemonozume spends time developing a friendship with Yuka at her birthday dinner and after befriending the couple, he decides to lie to his "employer" about their whereabouts.

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Kemonozume told Yuka in episode 6, that she died giving birth to him because of his size.

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Kemonozume's will was apparently strong enough to keep his mind and defeat his former friend.

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Kemonozume was well respected by all the members and students of the Kifuken.

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When it is revealed at the end that Oba had used his Kemonozume to take shapes, it is most likely he used his to take Harumi's form and killed Juzo; himself.

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Kemonozume raised Toshihiko like her own child and for a time, the blended family was happy.

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Kemonozume tried to kill Hoozuki but left him when Hoozuki revealed that Rie went to Oba to have Kemonozume procedure done to her.

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Kemonozume strongly believed she'd end up like Harumi and that he could only love her.

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Kemonozume then tries to inquire about who the father is, but she never says.

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Kemonozume then tells his group to retreat, and stays behind to by them and Yuka and Toshihiko time to escape.

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Kemonozume eventually married Akemi the daughter of a relative to their old master; and became a stepfather to Rie.

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Kemonozume drags Oba to the village and demands he cut his arms, so he can use the Kemonozume.

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Kemonozume becomes very angry when sees Yuka's photo and starts angrily talking about how swordsmanship is a lie.

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Kemonozume would appear in the last episode, taking the mask both Kazuma and Juzo wore, and stumbles upon Harumi's clones.

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Kemonozume eventually finds the group when they battle against Oba.

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Kemonozume tells Toshihiko he wants to believe in his dreams and tells Oba he was wrong about believing it was best to be stronger.

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Kemonozume's theory isn't entirely farfetched, as he has been able to defeat both Toshihiko and Kazuma during battle.

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