18 Facts About Ken Wahl


Ken Wahl, who was born in Chicago, Illinois, is elusive about his personal life, and has given more than one birthdate.

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Between acting jobs, Ken Wahl stayed in Chicago with his father and stepmother or with his sister.

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Ken Wahl first gained recognition in 1979 when he was cast in the leading role of director Philip Kaufman's film The Wanderers .

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Not wearing a helmet, Ken Wahl was injured badly enough to require 89 stitches in his scalp.

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Ken Wahl wrote an episode of Wiseguy in 1989 and directed an episode in 1990.

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Ken Wahl went on to star in The Taking of Beverly Hills and The Favor, as well as a Wiseguy reunion TV-movie in 1996.

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Ken Wahl initially said that in 1992 he had endured another motorcycle crash, but later said he had fallen down a flight of stairs at the home of comedian Rodney Dangerfield's girlfriend and eventual wife, Joan Child.

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Ken Wahl accidentally fell down some slippery marble stairs at a friend's home, causing his neck to break and his spinal column to be injured.

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So, later on, when the media inquired about the scar on his neck, Ken Wahl simply offered the explanation that he had broken his neck in a motorcycle accident, in a sincere effort to protect the privacy of his friend.

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Ken Wahl married his first wife, former Penthouse Pet of the Year Corinne Alphen, in 1983.

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Ken Wahl took me to dinner that night at a down-home Italian joint near my hotel.

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Ken Wahl was a star with simple tastes, which impressed me.

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In 1995, Wahl was charged with disturbing the peace and arrested on an outstanding warrant for a drunken-driving charge, eventually pleaded no contest to both charges and receiving probation.

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Ken Wahl pleaded no contest again and was ordered to enter a live-in alcohol rehabilitation program.

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Ken Wahl married his second wife, glamour model Shane Barbi, in 1997.

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Ken Wahl says he and Barbi married after attending 12-step meetings together.

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In 2009, Ken Wahl sued his former business manager, Henry Levine, alleging that Levine conspired with Ken Wahl's first wife, Corinne Alphen, to defraud him.

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In 2012, Ken Wahl stood against the Hayden Law Repeal, which would have revoked the Hayden Law for shelter pets in California, which had extended the number of days owners had to find their lost pets or for injured animals to receive donations or to be adopted.

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