49 Facts About Kenta Kobashi


Kenta Kobashi is a Japanese former professional wrestler.


Kenta Kobashi started his career in All Japan Pro Wrestling in 1988, where he became one of the promotion's top stars, holding the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship three times, and winning the Champion Carnival in 2000.


Kenta Kobashi worked for Noah for thirteen years, and became the longest reigning GHC Heavyweight Champion of all time, holding the championship for 735 days between 2003 and 2005, a record that stands to this day.


Kenta Kobashi spent many of the later years of his career sidelined due to various injuries.


Kenta Kobashi underwent numerous surgeries on his arms and legs in the early-mid 2000s before retiring from in-ring action in May 2013.


Kenta Kobashi continues to make sporadic appearances in both Noah and All Japan, while promoting his own shows under the Fortune Dream banner.


Kenta Kobashi practiced judo and rugby union during high school in Fukuchiyama.

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Kenta Kobashi practised body building after his graduation while working "regular" jobs.


Kenta Kobashi applied and was accepted to All Japan Pro Wrestling's dojo on June 20,1987.


Kenta Kobashi debuted as a professional wrestler in Ryuo, Shiga on February 26,1988.


Kenta Kobashi was booked by Shohei "Giant" Baba to lose his first 63 matches.


Kenta Kobashi first gained some prominence as member of Mitsuharu Misawa's faction during Misawa's feud with Jumbo Tsuruta.


On December 3,1993, Kenta Kobashi gained his first pin over Kawada, won his first World's Strongest Tag Determination League, and won his first World Tag Team Championship.


Kenta Kobashi received his first shot at the Triple Crown Championship against then-champion Steve Williams on September 3,1994, but lost at Nippon Budokan, Tokyo.


Kenta Kobashi suffered the first of many knee injuries in mid 1995, but worked through it.


Kenta Kobashi defeated Akira Taue on July 24,1996, to capture his first Triple Crown.


Kenta Kobashi lost the championship to Misawa on January 20,1997, in a very highly regarded match.


In October 1997 Kenta Kobashi won his first World Tag title without Misawa when he and Johnny Ace defeated Gary Albright and Steve Williams.


On June 12,1998, Kenta Kobashi defeated Kawada to begin his second Triple Crown reign.


The year of 1998 would end with Kenta Kobashi gaining another career milestone as he with Akiyama, teaming as "Burning", captured his first World's Strongest Tag Determination League championship.


Kenta Kobashi won the World's Strongest Tag Determination League again with Akiyama in December 1999.


Kenta Kobashi was the reigning Triple Crown champion at the time, and the championship was thus vacated.


Kenta Kobashi teamed with Akihiko Ito and fellow AJPW alumnus Tsuyoshi Kikuchi in a losing effort to Satoshi Kojima, KAI and Hiroshi Yamato at Pro Wrestling Love in Ryogoku, Volume 8.


At the biggest Noah show of the year on December 23,2000, Kenta Kobashi defeated Akiyama, avenging his loss earlier that year.


Kenta Kobashi went through multiple knee surgeries during this time.

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On March 1,2003, Kenta Kobashi defeated his rival Mitsuharu Misawa in a match for the GHC Heavyweight Championship.


Kenta Kobashi's reign spanned for over two years and included 13 successful defenses.


Kenta Kobashi holds the distinction of having competed in a total of 23 5-Star Matches as rated by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, second only to his long-time rival, Misawa.


In late 2005, Kenta Kobashi made his first appearance in North America with Harley Race's World League Wrestling promotion, defeating then WLW champion Wild Wade Chism.


Kenta Kobashi traveled to Europe, where he had matches in Germany, and at Universal Uproar in England, in November 2005.


On September 8,2007, news broke that Kenta Kobashi would make his return on the December 2,2007, Budokan Hall event where he would team up with Takayama to face Akiyama and Misawa.


In September 2008, Kenta Kobashi underwent emergency surgery on both of his arms.


The surgery was successful, and Kenta Kobashi was expected to make a full recovery.


Kenta Kobashi was expected to be out of action for up to a year, but he would return to the ring less than six months later.


Kenta Kobashi made his return to wrestling on March 1,2009, at Nippon Budokan with Pro Wrestling Noah, defeated Masao Inoue in the opening match of the card with his signature lariat.


Kenta Kobashi won the GHC Openweight Hardcore Championship from Makoto Hashi on June 8,2009, in Hachioji, Japan during Noah's Southern Navigation tour.


On December 23,2009, Kenta Kobashi was seriously injured in a three-way match against Honda and Kikuchi.


Kenta Kobashi was sidelined for 19 months with nerve damage in his right arm.


Kenta Kobashi made his return on July 23,2011, teaming with Go Shiozaki in a tag team match, where they were defeated by Akitoshi Saito and Jun Akiyama.


On December 9,2012, Kenta Kobashi attended Noah's Ryogoku Kokugikan event and during an in-ring interview, revealed he planned to retire in a Noah ring in 2013.


Noah and Kenta Kobashi seemingly came to an agreement to let him retire as opposed to forcing him to leave the promotion.


On January 23,2013, Kenta Kobashi announced that his retirement match would take place on at Nippon Budokan.


On March 17,2013, Kenta Kobashi made an appearance for All Japan Pro Wrestling to promote his retirement match.


On February 14,2014, Kenta Kobashi announced that starting June 8, he would begin producing his own independent events under the brand "Fortune Dream".


On May 10,2015, Kenta Kobashi returned to Noah to serve as a "special witness" for a GHC Heavyweight Championship match between champion Minoru Suzuki and challenger Naomichi Marufuji.

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Kenta Kobashi's role included making sure that the Suzuki-gun stable did not interfere in the match.


Kenta Kobashi married his girlfriend of 14 years, singer Mizuki Mai, on October 2,2010.


Kenta Kobashi has the second-most 5-star matches with 23, two behind Mitsuharu Misawa's 25.


Kenta Kobashi held the GHC Heavyweight Championship for a total of 735 days with the second most successful defenses with 13.