18 Facts About Kerwin Mathews


Kerwin Mathews was an American actor best known for playing the titular heroes in The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, The Three Worlds of Gulliver and Jack the Giant Killer .

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Kerwin Mathews remained at Beloit three years after graduation teaching speech and dramatic arts and appeared in regional theatre.

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Kerwin Mathews taught high school English in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

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Kerwin Mathews had an uncredited bit in Cell 2455, Death Row for Columbia.

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Kerwin Mathews's first credited film role was in 5 Against the House, an early role for Kim Novak.

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Kerwin Mathews then was cast in the title role of a treatment of Joseph and his Brethren with Rita Hayworth.

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Kerwin Mathews appeared in several episodes of The Ford Television Theatre as well as episodes of Playhouse 90 and Matinee Theatre.

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Kerwin Mathews was promoted to star for Tarawa Beachhead, a war film produced by Charles Schneer.

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Kerwin Mathews co-starred with Van Johnson in The Last Blitzkrieg, a war film for Sam Katzman, and Man on a String with Ernest Borgnine .

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Kerwin Mathews did an episode of Goodyear Theatre and went to Italy to make The Warrior Empress with Tina Louise.

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Kerwin Mathews was on stand by to replace Dirk Bogarde on Song Without End when Bogarde was clashing with the director.

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Kerwin Mathews went to England to star in a swashbuckler film for Hammer Films released through Columbia, The Pirates of Blood River .

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Kerwin Mathews went to France to play Jean Bruce's OSS 117 in OSS 117 se dechaine .

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Kerwin Mathews did another OSS 117 film, Panic in Bangkok, then starred in The Viscount, from a novel by Bruce.

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Kerwin Mathews starred in some low-budget films, such as Battle Beneath the Earth filmed in England and The Killer Likes Candy .

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Kerwin Mathews had supporting roles in Barquero, the TV movie Death Takes a Holiday, and Octaman .

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Kerwin Mathews retired from acting in 1978 and moved to San Francisco, where he ran a clothing and antiques shop.

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Kerwin Mathews was survived by his partner of 46 years, Tom Nicoll, a British display manager at Harvey Nichols, the British luxury department store.

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