13 Facts About Kevin Coyne


Kevin Coyne was an English musician, singer, composer, film-maker, and a writer of lyrics, stories and poems.

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Over many years Kevin Coyne produced the distinctive art work for many of his own album covers but his move to Germany, in the 1980s, saw his work on full-size paintings blossom in its own right.

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In late 1975 and 1976 Kevin Coyne completed the musical England, England, written with playwright Snoo Wilson, and described as "an evocation of the Kray twins".

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In 1978 Kevin Coyne collaborated with fellow Derby Art School graduate Ian Breakwell to produce the film The Institution based on Breakwell's Artist Placement Group work at Rampton Secure Hospital in Nottinghamshire.

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Early in his career, Kevin Coyne turned down a meeting with founder of Elektra Records Jac Holzman to discuss replacing Jim Morrison in the Doors.

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Kevin Coyne was the second artist signed to Virgin Records, after Mike Oldfield, where he continued his uncompromising stance.

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Kevin Coyne settled in Nuremberg, West Germany and having given up alcohol, never stopped recording and touring, as well as writing books and exhibiting his paintings.

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Kevin Coyne's move to Germany saw his writing and painting career truly blossom.

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Kevin Coyne published four books, two of which, Showbusiness and Party Dress, were published by Serpent's Tail in London.

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In reality Kevin Coyne married only twice, first to Lesley and second to Helmi, having another relationship between the two which saw the birth of his son Nico.

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Kevin Coyne is survived by his wife Helmi and his sons Eugene, Robert and Nico.

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On 15 June 2017 Kevin Coyne was commemorated with the unveiling of a blue plaque at the University of Derby Art School.

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In January 2018, an exhibition of Kevin Coyne's work was staged at the city gallery Alte Feuerwache in Amberg An exhibition, accompanied by a 70-page catalogue, compiled by Stefan Voit, was held from 9 June to 5 August 2018, at the Stadtische Galerie Cordonhaus in Cham.

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