30 Facts About Kevin De Bruyne

1. Kevin De Bruyne started out his career playing for his hometown team.

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2. Kevin De Bruyne comes from Drongen, which is in the Flemish part of Belgium.

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3. Kevin De Bruyne proposed to Michele while the pair was in Paris together in 2016.

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4. Kevin De Bruyne met Michele Lacroix shortly after he and Caroline split up.

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5. Kevin De Bruyne has formed part of the revolution in his national team and promoted his club to the forefront.

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6. Kevin De Bruyne signed the deal with Manchester City in the company of his wife.

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7. In 2017, Kevin De Bruyne was ranked world's fourth-best footballer by The Guardians.

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8. Kevin De Bruyne was born on June 28, 1991, in Drongen, Ghent, Belgium.

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9. Kevin De Bruyne has spent more monies supporting them than any other sports person has done.

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10. Kevin De Bruyne became an ambassador for the Special Olympics at the beginning of 2014.

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11. Kevin De Bruyne claimed Kevin De Bruyne cheated on her first and she paid back.

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12. Kevin De Bruyne loves to enjoy one of one picnicking sessions with his son.

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13. Kevin De Bruyne has always wanted a wife who would be close to his mum.

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14. Kevin De Bruyne is currently married to Michele Lacroix as at time of writing.

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15. Kevin De Bruyne hardly goes to the dressing room directly after matches.

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16. Kevin De Bruyne was pointed as a kid who could spearhead such.

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17. Kevin De Bruyne started playing football in Drongen, Belgium at an early age of 4 in his town, Gent where he lived with his parents.

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18. Kevin De Bruyne was born on the 28th of June 1991, by Herwig De Bruyne and Anna De Bruyne (mother).

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19. Kevin De Bruyne is not certain to regain his starting place when Manchester City host Chelsea this weekend.

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20. Pep Guardiola has warned that Kevin De Bruyne is not a certain starter as champions Manchester City host Chelsea on Sunday.

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21. Kevin De Bruyne was selected in the PFA Team of the Year, and was voted as Manchester City Player of the Season.

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22. Kevin De Bruyne scored in the last two matches of the Bundesliga helping his team to win against VfB Stuttgart and Borussia Monchengladbach.

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23. Kevin De Bruyne signed with Wolfsburg for £18 million in 2014, and in 2015 he was named Footballer of the Year in Germany.

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24. Kevin De Bruyne was ranked the fourth-best footballer in the world by The Guardian in 2017.

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25. Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne is on course to return to full training next week in a significant boost for Pep Guardiola's side, Metro.

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26. Kevin De Bruyne eyes Bournemouth and Watford games for Man City return—report.

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27. Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne is targeting a return from his knee injury at the beginning of next month.

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28. Kevin De Bruyne set to be back for Manchester City earlier than expected.

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29. Kevin De Bruyne is a Belgian professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for English club Manchester City and the Belgian national team.

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30. Kevin De Bruyne faces up to six weeks out after latest knee setback.

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