19 Facts About Kevin Ollie


Kevin Ollie is the head coach and director of player development for Overtime Elite, a professional basketball league owned by Dan Porter for top prospects between 16 and 18 years old, founded in 2021.

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Kevin Ollie is the former head coach of the University of Connecticut men's basketball team and only one of four African American coaches to ever win an NCAA Men's Basketball Championship.

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Kevin Ollie graduated from Connecticut in 1995 with a degree in Communications.

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Kevin Ollie played for twelve National Basketball Association franchises, most prominently in three stints with the Philadelphia 76ers, in thirteen seasons from 1997 to 2010 after beginning his career with the CBA in 1995.

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Kevin Ollie was born in Dallas, Texas to parents Fletcher and Dorothy Kevin Ollie and grew up in the rough neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles.

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When Kevin Ollie was 7, his parents divorced and his father moved to Dallas.

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Kevin Ollie spent summers there, cutting lawns and doing other odd jobs so he could be with him for some length of time.

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Kevin Ollie attended and played basketball at Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles, California.

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Kevin Ollie then starred for four seasons at the University of Connecticut.

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NBA player Kevin Durant in an interview with Grantland said that Kevin Ollie "taught him the ropes", and "changed the culture of Oklahoma City".

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Kevin Ollie said, “Kevin Ollie, he was a game changer for us.

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Kevin Ollie had previously played a similar role with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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In 2012, Kevin Ollie was named the head basketball coach at Connecticut, replacing longtime hall of fame coach Jim Calhoun.

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Kevin Ollie served as an assistant coach for Calhoun's final two seasons at UConn.

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Kevin Ollie was charged with “failure to monitor” his program and not promoting an atmosphere of compliance.

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Kevin Ollie was charged with three Level I violations stemming from the following: summer pick-up games that should have counted toward allowable team activities, a video coordinator engaging in impermissible coaching instruction and a booster providing extra benefits to student-athletes.

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Kevin Ollie, 46, filed a grievance following his firing, seeking to get $10 million in back pay.

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Kevin Ollie has not worked in basketball since his firing at Connecticut.

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Kevin Ollie filed a claim under the University's grievance process, alleging disparate treatment due as his predecessor was retained despite committing NCAA violations.

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