101 Facts About Kevin Smith

1. Kevin Smith responded by tweeting: "Yes, Bill Maher took a shot at me during his show last night, in the midst of his latest rant about Stan Lee and adults who like comic books.

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2. Kevin Smith had a cameo appearance as "Bob the Security Guard" alongside Jason Mewes as "Jay the Security Guard" on The Flash episode, "Null and Annoyed", which he directed.

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3. Kevin Smith stated the scene featured in trailers where Alfred is speaking to a person offscreen is not actually Superman but an appearance for Green Lantern.

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4. Kevin Smith revealed information about the original planned ending for the first Justice League movie and the rest of the planned trilogy after his recent set visit to Star Wars: Episode IX in the UK.

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5. Kevin Smith remembered the great Stan Lee in an emotional tribute at an event celebrating the late comic book icon this week.

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6. Kevin Smith said he's still a big fan of Tom Cruise as a product.

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7. Kevin Smith had a cameo appearance as "Bob the Security Guard" alongside Jason Mewes as "Jay the Security Guard" on The Flash episode, "Null and Annoyed", which he directed.

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8. Kevin Smith revealed that the shot from the trailer of Alfred expressing gratitude to a mysterious figure was not directed at Superman, as many thought, but at Green Lantern.

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9. Kevin Smith interviewed Lee back in 2013 for his podcast, Fat Man on Batman.

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10. Kevin Smith went on, addressing Lee and thanking him for his generosity over the years.

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11. Kevin Smith had a cameo appearance as "Bob the Security Guard" alongside Jason Mewes as "Jay the Security Guard" on The Flash episode, "Null and Annoyed", which he directed.

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12. Kevin Smith revealed that Anthony Russo did not discuss any spoilers with him, so don't bother asking him.

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13. Kevin Smith revealed that he recently had the chance to talk with Anthony Russo.

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14. Kevin Smith recommended Reitman choose something that would make him happy for his next project.

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15. Kevin Smith had a cameo appearance as "Bob the Security Guard" alongside Jason Mewes as "Jay the Security Guard" on The Flash episode, "Null and Annoyed", which he directed.

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16. Kevin Smith was born in Red Bank, New Jersey on August 2, 1970.

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17. Kevin Smith joined Weight Watchers and became a paid spokesperson for the brand.

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18. Kevin Smith heard about the diet from Adam Rifkin, who told him about magician Penn Jillette's weight loss on that diet in 2015 after Jillette's own health scare.

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19. Kevin Smith adopted a diet devised by scientist Ray Cronise based on work by Joel Fuhrman, which involves eating a single plant-based food with no added salt or fat for two weeks, then gradually adding additional foods but remaining on an all-vegan diet.

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20. Kevin Smith lost 50 pounds upon meeting his wife.

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21. Kevin Smith quit smoking cigarettes in 2008 after taking up smoking cannabis after working with Seth Rogen on Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

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22. Kevin Smith photographed her for a nude pictorial in Playboy that consisted of photographs by various celebrities.

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23. Kevin Smith is married to Jennifer Schwalbach Kevin Smith, whom he met while she was interviewing him for USA Today.

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24. Kevin Smith dated actress Joey Lauren Adams, and declared his desire to marry her in Time magazine, but they began to grow apart after he spoke of staying in Los Angeles permanently and starting a life with her.

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25. Kevin Smith purchased the original store in January 1997 for US$30,000, using the money he earned from Clerks.

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26. On June 4, 2012, Kevin Smith premiered his Hulu-exclusive weekly series Spoilers, described as an "anti-movie review" series, where Smith takes a group of people to a new movie and has them comment on what they've seen.

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27. Kevin Smith has an online blog, "My Boring-Ass Life", the contents of which were published in a book by the same name.

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28. Kevin Smith discussed how Jersey Girl receiving an R rating, on the basis of a conversation two characters in that film have about masturbation, which MPAA head Joan Graves told Smith she would not feel comfortable having her 16-year-old daughter watching.

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29. Kevin Smith appeared in the 2006 mtvU show Sucks Less with Kevin Smith.

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30. Kevin Smith had a cameo appearance as "Bob the Security Guard" alongside Jason Mewes as "Jay the Security Guard" on The Flash episode, "Null and Annoyed", which he directed.

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31. Kevin Smith stated on his Web site that Veronica Mars is some of the best television work ever produced.

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32. Kevin Smith was seen as Rusty in Bottoms Up with co-star Paris Hilton.

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33. Kevin Smith co-starred as Sam in the film Catch and Release, starring Jennifer Garner.

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34. Kevin Smith made a cameo appearance in the horror film Scream 3, and was featured along with Jason Mewes in several Degrassi: The Next Generation episodes, including a special, "Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi".

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35. Kevin Smith hopes to start filming in November 2018 for a tentative 2019 release.

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36. Kevin Smith wrote several drafts but was dropped from the project when Tim Burton was hired to direct and brought his own team to write the script.

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37. Kevin Smith described it as "less Brimstone or Dead Like Me and more like Shaun of the Dead than anything else".

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38. Kevin Smith has directed and starred in commercials for Panasonic.

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39. Kevin Smith was announced as the writer of an ongoing Black Cat series and The Amazing Spider-Man in early to mid-2002.

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40. In 2013 Kevin Smith directed a horror film called Tusk, which was inspired by a story Smith and Scott Mosier read about a Gumtree ad for a man who rents out a room in his house for free, on the condition that the respondent dresses as a walrus for two hours per day.

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41. Kevin Smith was raised in a Catholic household, in the nearby clamming town of Highlands.

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42. Kevin Smith has served as a director-for-hire for material he did not write, including the buddy cop action comedy Cop Out and various television series episodes.

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43. Kevin Smith came to prominence with the low-budget comedy film Clerks, which he wrote, directed, co-produced, and acted in as the character Silent Bob of stoner duo Jay and Silent Bob.

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44. Kevin Smith moved home to the New Jersey and again got his old job back at a convenience store in Leonardo.

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45. Kevin Smith attended the Vancouver Film School for the four months, where he met with the longtime collaborator Scott Mosier and even Dave Klein but he left halfway through the course in order to save the money to make his own first film.

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46. Kevin Smith vowed never to work at the something that he did not correctly enjoy.

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47. Kevin Smith is the owner of the Secret Stash of Jay and Silent Bob.

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48. Kevin Smith directed and produced the films such as the buddy cop action comedy Cop Out in 2010, as well as the horror film Red State in 2011, and the horror comedy Tusk in 2014.

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49. Kevin Smith has discussed plans for Clerks 1.5, a comic that would bridge the gap between the original film and its sequel, to be included in a reprint of the Clerks.

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50. Kevin Smith is the owner of Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, a comic book store in Red Bank, New Jersey.

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51. Kevin Smith directed and produced films such as the buddy cop action comedy Cop Out, as well as the horror film Red State.

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52. On the Clerks X featurette, Kevin Smith said he was "crestfallen" that the Sunday night screening attracted few viewers beyond cast and crew.

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53. Kevin Smith secured a place for Clerks at the 1993 Independent Feature Film Market, an event held at New York City's Angelika Film Center.

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54. Kevin Smith cleared the set to film the scene when Jay dances to a boom box.

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55. Kevin Smith wrote the part of Jay, the much more vocal half of the loitering pair of drug dealers, for his friend Jason Mewes, who was known for his loud, outrageous behavior.

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56. Kevin Smith formed a comedy troupe in high school and wrote the part of Randal for himself and Dante for former troupe mate Ernest O'Donnell.

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57. Kevin Smith sold his comic book collection, received donations from family, and contributed a $3000 FEMA check from the loss of property in a nor'easter to make Clerks.

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58. Kevin Smith was offered the opportunity to direct a film that was compiled by Robb Cullen and Tag Cullen called Cop Out.

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59. In 2007, Kevin Smith was employed to immediate the pilot for the present Reaper, which garnered advantageous reviews.

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60. In 2005, Kevin Smith wrote the screenplay for Clerks II, which he prepared to start out shooting in January of 2005.

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61. Kevin Smith is a filmmaker who has managed to rise in Hollywood through his work in the comedy industry.

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62. Kevin Smith has an estimated net worth of $25 million.

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63. Kevin Smith went to Twitter where he offered Stan Lee to go stay with him or to let his fans buy him a house to get away from the abuse.

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64. Kevin Smith has recently been talking about abuse and giving support to victims of abuse.

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65. Kevin Smith has now become a vegetarian because of the incident.

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66. In 2008, Kevin Smith was overweight and his weight was over 400 pounds.

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67. Kevin Smith started smoking when he was filming his first movie called Clerks.

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68. Kevin Smith is a hockey fan and he supports New Jersey Devils and the Edmonton Oilers.

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69. Kevin Smith opened a second Secret Stash store in Westwood section of Los Angeles in 2004.

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70. In 2015, Kevin Smith started posting on YouTube his series called Fatman on Batman.

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71. Kevin Smith has a website called The View Askewniverse, which he opened in 1995.

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72. Kevin Smith has appeared as himself in video games like Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies.

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73. In 2014, Kevin Smith wrote a story on Batman and Green Hornet called Batman '66 Meets the Green Hornet.

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74. Kevin Smith wrote a series called Batman: Cacophony, which aired from November 2008 to January 2009.

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75. Kevin Smith wrote a miniseries called Chasing Dogma that was inspired by the movies Chasing Amy and Dogma.

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76. In 1996, Kevin Smith was hired to write a script for Superman.

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77. In 2012, Kevin Smith made an American reality television series called Comic Book Men.

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78. In 2010, Kevin Smith made a horror movie that was financed independently called Red State.

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79. In 2006, Kevin Smith made Clerks II, which was a sequel for Clerks.

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80. Kevin Smith went back to New Jersey and got a job at a convenience store called Leonardo so that he could start saving for his first movie called Clerks.

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81. Kevin Smith was inspired to become a filmmaker after he watched a movie called Slacker on his 21st birthday.

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82. Kevin Smith was overweight and he loved doing comics as a way of making friends.

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83. Kevin Smith spent most of his time hanging out at his father's workplace.

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84. Kevin Smith was born on 2 August 1970 in Red Bank, New Jersey.

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85. Kevin Smith is an American filmmaker, author, comic book writer, actor, and podcaster.

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86. Kevin Smith was buried after a private funeral on 28 February 2002.

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87. Kevin Smith was rushed by staff to a local hospital, then transferred to Beijing.

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88. Early in 2002, Kevin Smith went to China to shoot the US-Chinese martial arts film Warriors of Virtue 2.

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89. In 1989, Kevin Smith co-founded a Christchurch theatresports group, Scared Scriptless, performing live comedy.

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90. Kevin Smith played in several lo-fi experimental bands in New Zealand and released a few albums with Say Yes to Apes and Hyphen-Ears in the mid '80s.

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91. At the age of 17, Kevin Smith moved to Christchurch, where he lived in a flat above a fruit shop, worked at various jobs, and considered joining the police to help children, before enrolling in Canterbury University at the age of 20.

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92. Kevin Smith directed and produced films such as the buddy cop action comedy Cop Out, the horror film Red State (2011), and the horror comedy Tusk(2014), the first film in the True North trilogy.

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93. At the era of 17, Kevin Smith shifted to Christchurch, where he lived in a flat over a fruit shop, employment at various jobs, and considered joining the law enforcement to help offspring, before register in Canterbury University at the era of 20.

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94. In the film Dogma, Kevin Smith warned Jason Mewes that he needed to be on point due to the involvement of "real actors", such as Alan Rickman.

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95. Kevin Smith was offered the chance to direct a film which was written by Robb Cullen and Mark Cullen called Cop Out.

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96. In 2007, Kevin Smith was hired to direct the pilot for the show Reaper, which garnered favorable reviews.

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97. Kevin Smith got to film a scene with one of his idols, Bruce Willis, the scene was supposed to take one day of filming, it ended up taking a week.

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98. In 2006, Kevin Smith got offered a part in the fourth "Die Hard" film, Live Free or Die Hard.

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99. In 2005, Kevin Smith wrote the screenplay for Clerks II, which he planned to start shooting in January of 2005.

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100. Kevin Smith was decided by the Detroit Lions in the 3rd round of the 2008 NFL Draft.

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101. Kevin Smith joined one of them as a joke, and was even interviewed on TV.

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