21 Facts About Kevin Weeks


Kevin Weeks was born on March 21,1956 and is an American former mobster and longtime friend and mob lieutenant to Whitey Bulger, the infamous boss of the Winter Hill Gang, a crime family based in the Winter Hill neighborhood in Somerville, Massachusetts.


Kevin Weeks's testimony is viewed as responsible for the convictions of FBI agent John Connolly, as well as forcing Bulger's right-hand man, Stephen Flemmi, to plead guilty as well.


Kevin Weeks was born in South Boston, Massachusetts on March 21,1956, to a working-class family of Irish and Welsh descent.


Kevin Weeks was the fifth child in a family of six and grew up in the Old Colony Housing Project at 8 Pilsudski Way, apartment 554.


Kevin Weeks changed tires for a living and later obtained a position with the Boston Housing Authority.


Kevin Weeks graduated from South Boston High in 1974, ending his formal education.


Kevin Weeks is related by marriage to former South Boston liquor store owner and alleged extortion victim Stephen R Rakes and Boston Police Department Detective Edward Walsh.


Meanwhile, Kevin Weeks turned to running a loansharking business on the side.


In 1982, just four years after beginning to work as part of the Winter Hill Gang, Kevin Weeks left his legitimate job and became a full-time mobster in the gang.


Kevin Weeks insists that Bulger strictly forbade PCP and selling to children, and that those dealers who refused to play by his rules were violently driven out of the neighborhood.


Kevin Weeks remained in frequent touch with Bulger, with whom he had several clandestine meetings in New York City and Chicago.


In 1997, shortly after The Boston Globe disclosed that Bulger and Flemmi had been informants, Kevin Weeks met with retired agent John Connolly, who showed him a photocopy of Bulger's FBI informant file.


At first refusing to cooperate, Kevin Weeks was transferred to a Federal penitentiary in Rhode Island.


Kevin Weeks was unnerved when two lawyers told him his chances at trial were dismal.


Kevin Weeks led authorities to six different bodies buried by the Winter Hill Gang, including the triple grave of Hussey, McIntyre and Barrett.


Kevin Weeks implicated Bulger in the murder of Brian Halloran as well as agreeing to testify against Stephen Flemmi and Whitey Bulger.


Kevin Weeks revealed that Whitey's younger brothers, Senate President Billy Bulger and juvenile magistrate clerk Jackie Bulger, had talked with Whitey while he was on the lam.


Kevin Weeks was then sentenced to five years in federal prison.


Kevin Weeks collaborated with journalist Phyllis Karas.


Kevin Weeks was a star witness at Connolly's 2008 trial on state charges of murdering former World Jai Alai president Roger Wheeler, as well as at Bulger's 2013 trial on racketeering charges two years after Bulger was finally captured.


At the latter trial, Bulger lost his composure when Kevin Weeks called him a rat and the two former compatriots almost came to blows.