48 Facts About Kim Wexler


Kim Wexler was originally a "tempering influence" for Jimmy, but otherwise the writers had few ideas as to where else they would take her character.


Kim Wexler felt from this scene that Kim would prefer to listen before speaking and using that as a position of power.


Seehorn had already gotten an idea that Kim Wexler enjoyed participating on Jimmy's cons, a fact established in the screenplay for the fourth episode of the first season "Hero", but which Seehorn had yet to see.


Kim Wexler has such a sharp, perceptive way of looking at the world, and she brings that to Kim.


Season two was to continue with Jimmy outright forgoing the job, but because the writers wanted to include Kim Wexler more based on Seehorn's performance, they altered this to show Jimmy returning and accepting the job for Kim Wexler's sake.


Kim Wexler's mother used her in small petty theft schemes, such as stealing a necklace and earrings which Kim Wexler has kept through adulthood, as shown in "Axe and Grind".


Kim Wexler worked in the mailroom at Hamlin, Hamlin and McGill, where Howard Hamlin and Chuck McGill were lead partners.


Kim Wexler has run-ins with HHM, including stealing a case from them and placing a billboard ad for his firm that imitates Howard's signature look, the HHM colors, and HHM's logo.


Kim Wexler follows Howard's direction to talk to Jimmy, but finds Jimmy's use of con games interesting; Jimmy suggests that she should leave HHM and set up a firm with him.


The con is a success, and they spend the night together; Kim Wexler keeps the elaborate bottle stopper as a memento.


Kim Wexler covers for him at HHM, staining her reputation even further.


Schweikart tells Kim Wexler HHM is not appreciative of her talents and offers her a position at his firm.


Kim Wexler considers the offer while sitting at a bar, and begins talking to a man she recognizes as a potential mark.


Kim Wexler calls Jimmy to join her, and they successfully complete another con, followed by another night together.


Kim Wexler decides to leave HHM and establish her own solo practice, with Jimmy forming a solo practice in the same office so they can share expenses.


Kim Wexler tries to bring Mesa Verde with her, and appears to succeed, but Chuck wins them back to HHM.


Kim Wexler infers Jimmy's guilt, and tells him that if there is any evidence, Chuck will find it.


Howard tells Jimmy and Kim Wexler he thinks that his decision to force Chuck's retirement from HHM after their malpractice insurance rates rose led to Chuck's death.


Unaware of Jimmy's actions, Kim Wexler later berates Howard for mistreating Jimmy.


Huell has a run-in with a police officer, who arrests him, and Jimmy convinces Kim Wexler to defend Huell to keep him from receiving a prison sentence.


Kim Wexler continues balancing her workload between pro bono criminal defense work and Mesa Verde business.


Mesa Verde asks Kim Wexler to help deal with evicting Everett Acker, who refuses to leave his home on land leased from the bank to make way for the bank's planned call center.


Acker refuses the bank's attempts at a settlement and Kim Wexler finds sympathy for him.


Rich Schweikart suggests that Kim Wexler disengage from Mesa Verde business because her heart is not in it, but she angrily refuses.


Kim Wexler offers Jimmy a $75,000 settlement for Acker, promising to personally pay the difference between that figure and what Kevin agrees to.


Jimmy agrees, but at the meeting to finalize the settlement, he makes use of the blackmail information Kim Wexler refused to use and Kevin's high regard for his father to coerce Kevin into a settlement more favorable to Acker.


Kim Wexler tells Jimmy she is upset that he made her the "sucker" for his con and says that because of the lack of trust they either need to separate or get married so they can enjoy spousal privilege.


Kim Wexler finds that Kevin is still willing to have Kim Wexler as Mesa Verde's outside counsel despite Jimmy's representation of Acker.


Kim Wexler warns Jimmy not to be a bagman for the cartel, but Jimmy accepts the job anyway, believing it is a simple errand.


When Jimmy does not return as scheduled, Kim Wexler pretends to be Lalo's lawyer, visits him in jail, and asks for Jimmy's location.


Kim Wexler tells Jimmy she will be ready to hear the truth whenever he is ready to reveal it.


Kim Wexler stays home the next day to tend to Jimmy's wounds and help him cope with the trauma, but Jimmy opts to go to the courthouse for work instead.


That evening, Jimmy and Kim Wexler argue about her decision to quit.


Kim Wexler tells Lalo that the car was probably shot at by passersby for fun, and berates him for not trusting Jimmy.


The next day, Kim Wexler goes to the courthouse to acquire more pro bono cases from the public defender.


Kim Wexler laughs, says she is capable of making her own decisions, and tells Howard he does not understand Jimmy.


Jimmy and Kim Wexler begin their multi-step plan to embarrass Howard at an upcoming mediation meeting as to force HHM to forego a lengthy settlement negotiation period and instead reach a settlement sooner so that Jimmy can get his money.


Kim Wexler opts not to tell Jimmy, believing that he would forgo their plan against Howard if he knew Lalo was alive.


On that day, Kim Wexler starts to head towards Sante Fe to meet with Cliff and the foundation, but Jimmy frantically calls her, as staged shots involving the mediator do not include his recent arm injury.


Kim Wexler urges Howard to leave immediately, but Lalo kills him before he can.


Mike instructs Jimmy and Kim Wexler to go about their business as normal and not mention a word of these events as Lalo has been dealt with.


Kim Wexler eventually finds another romantic partner Glen, dyes her hair, and starts working at Palm Coast Sprinklers while living a quaint suburban life.


In 2010, with Jimmy living as "Gene Takavic" in Omaha, Nebraska, Jimmy learns from Francesca that Kim Wexler called her from Florida asking how Jimmy was doing.


Back in Florida, Kim Wexler impulsively starts volunteering at a local pro bono legal services firm.


Kim Wexler is called by Albuquerque district attorney Suzanne Ericsen to warn her about Saul's arrest and upcoming testimony that could affect her.


Kim Wexler attends Saul's trial and watches as he confesses to all his crimes and indispensable role in Walter White's drug empire, as well as sabotaging Chuck's insurance that led to his ouster from HHM and eventual suicide.


Saul declares that he's James McGill and leaves his alternate persona, while admitting that he had lied about additional information about Howard because he wanted Kim Wexler to be there while he admitted to everything.


Brian Tallerico of Rolling Stone referred to Seehorn's work as "one of the best performances on any show in the last decade" and Liz Shannon Miller of Collider wrote, "Seehorn in particular hurts after turning in career-best work; Kim Wexler's journey in Season 5 was a heartbreaking, even chilling experience".