14 Facts About Kirk Alyn


Kirk Alyn worked as a singer and dancer in vaudeville before relocating to Hollywood during the early 1940s to act for feature movies, but he was successful only in gaining bit parts for low-budget movies before obtaining the role of Superman in 1948.


Kirk Alyn featured in movie serials, including Federal Agents Vs Underworld Inc, Radar Patrol Vs Spy King and Blackhawk.


Kirk Alyn recalls the day producer Sam Katzman asked him to play Superman:.


Kirk Alyn played Superman for the first live-action Superman movie serial, released in 1948.


Kirk Alyn gave the Man of Steel a different portrayal to Clark Kent, adding to the element of disguise.


Kirk Alyn had tried "flying" while suspended by hidden wires for the first serial but the wires turned out to be clearly visible and that footage was scrapped.


Kirk Alyn was reportedly offered the part of Superman for the television version of 1951, but refused it.


Kirk Alyn shared a very brief cameo with his serial co-star, Noel Neill, as Sam and Ellen Lane, the parents of the young Lois Lane for the 1978 feature movie, Superman.


Kirk Alyn made his final movie, the horror movie Scalps, in 1983.


Kirk Alyn had a very brief appearance in a "Battlestar Galactica" episode.


When he first went to Hollywood, Kirk Alyn met another performer, singer, dancer, and actress Virginia O'Brien.


Kirk Alyn died on March 14,1999, in The Woodlands, Texas, at the age of 88 from Alzheimer's disease.


Kirk Alyn's ashes were scattered off the coast of California.


Kirk Alyn was the Grand Marshal of the Metropolis, Illinois Christmas parade and Annual Superman Celebrations several times.