11 Facts About Korean drama


The first Korean drama television film was a 15-minute piece titled The Gate of Heaven, on HLKZ-TV.

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Snowdrop, a Disney+ Korean drama set against the backdrop of the 1987 June Democratic Struggle, has been accused of whitewashing the military dictatorship period of South Korea.

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Korean drama series were originally produced in-house by the television channels themselves, but have been outsourced to independent companies since the 2000s.

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In contrast to practices elsewhere, the first four episodes of Korean drama series are usually shot in advance, but the rest are shot continuously as the series is being aired.

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The Korean drama media have a separate word to describe irregular, short sleeps that actors resort to, in often uncomfortable positions, or within the set: jjok-jam, or "side-sleeping".

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Some Korean drama actors have admitted to receiving IV therapy during filming, due to extreme schedules and exhaustion.

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Global community of non-Korean drama-speaking fans, on the other hand, is more involved in the consumption aspects: Fans share their opinions through tweets and comments on newsgroups as well as reviews and recaps on websites and blogs.

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However, in recent years Korean drama entertainment has made significant inroads in the country and influence the entertainment industry alongside Bollywood.

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The interest in Korean drama entertainment has led to controversy with older generations voicing their concern that Korean drama entertainment will deteriorate Bhutanese culture and traditions.

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The popularity of Korean drama forced many over-the-top media service in India such as MX Player, Viu and ZEE5 to bring the dubbed versions in local language that will help cater to large non English speaking audience.

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The hairstyles and fashion of Korean drama actors have influenced the fashion sense of Nepali youth.

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