22 Facts About Kyle Kuzma

1. Kyle Kuzma added 15 points while Brandon Ingram scored 13 points with seven boards, the rest of the Lakers took a back seat to LeBron's hot shooting.

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2. Kyle Kuzma took a month away from the game and training.

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3. Kyle Kuzma starts off hot in the first quarter against the Spurs, draining a pair of 3-pointers.

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4. Kyle Kuzma is a basketball player famous for his power forward position on his games.

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5. Kyle Kuzma took to Instagram to post a photo of the ensuing celebration.

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6. Kyle Kuzma will be wearing older Kobe and LeBron models, with zero regard for matching the team's uniforms.

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7. Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma is taking a dramatic step this season to step up his sneaker game, becoming the first player to partner with a footwear-reselling app to expand his access to.

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8. Kyle Kuzma has regularly embraced the spotlight and pressure moments since his rookie season.

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9. Kyle Kuzma says Lonzo Ball can be 'one of the best defensive guards' in the NBA.

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10. Kyle Kuzma has spoken highly of LeBron James since he signed with the Lakers earlier this summer.

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11. Prior to the draft, Kyle Kuzma had been projected to go in the second round or even undrafted.

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12. Kyle Kuzma was selected with the 27th overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft by the Brooklyn Nets.

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13. Kyle Kuzma graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in sociology.

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14. Kyle Kuzma sent tapes of his shooting at the YMCA to preparatory schools; Vin Sparacio, head coach at Rise Academy in Philadelphia, "saw a 6'6", 175-pound, raw player who had a great feel for the game, and immediately brought him in.

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15. Kyle Kuzma attended Swartz Creek Community Schools and transferred to Bentley High School in Michigan, where he averaged 17.9 points, 14.4 rebounds, 3.8 assists and 3.4 blocks per game as a junior.

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16. Kyle Kuzma has described Flint as "'a really violent place [where] there's a lot of temptation to get into the streets.

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17. Kyle Kuzma met his father only once as an infant, but viewed the father of his half-siblings, Larry Smith, as a father figure.

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18. Kyle Kuzma starting makes sense since he plays well off of LeBron James and it.

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19. Kyle Kuzma received the starting nod once again with Brandon Ingram still on the sidelines.

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20. Kyle Kuzma will draw the start on Wednesday against the Mavericks.

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21. Kyle Kuzma feels like he should be a starter in the NBA.

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22. Kyle Kuzma stepped to the free-throw line with 17.8 seconds left and the Lakers clinging to a one-point lead after Dallas' Harrison Barnes had drilled a three-pointer from the corner with 23.9 seconds left.

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