16 Facts About Lamberto Bava


Lamberto Bava was born on 3 April 1944 and is an Italian film director.


Lamberto Bava co-directed the 1979 television film La Venere d'Ille with his father and in 1980 directed his first solo feature film Macabre.


Lamberto Bava continued working in the 1980s and collaborated with Dario Argento on films such as Demons.


Lamberto Bava was born in Rome, Italy on 3 April 1944.


Lamberto's father Mario Bava was a film director known primarily as a director of horror films.


Lamberto Bava was approached by director Dario Argento to assist him with his giallo film Tenebre, wherein Bava is credited as an assistant director.


In 1983, Lamberto Bava directed his second feature film as a director, the giallo film A Blade in the Dark.


Lamberto Bava was given a script for Blastfighter, a film originally written as a remake of the Australian film Mad Max with the intention of giving it to director Lucio Fulci.


In 1985, Lamberto Bava reteamed with Dario Argento on the film Demons.


Lamberto Bava made the television film Midnight Killer the same year.


Lamberto Bava makes a cameo in the film as a photographer at the beginning of the film.


Lamberto Bava returned to television work making several episodes of a series of hour-long films produced by Dario Argento.


Lamberto Bava did a remake of Black Sunday for the European television series Sabbath titled La maschera del demonio which premiered in June 1990 at Rome's Fantafestival.


Lamberto Bava began the 1990s with the fairy tale inspired series Fantaghiro series and its many sequels.


In 1992, Lamberto Bava made the film Body Puzzle, which starred Joanna Pacula, who learns that her late husband Abe had a lover named Tim Bell.


In 1991, Lamberto Bava directed Fantaghiro, a television miniseries that was influenced by films such as Legend, Willow and Ladyhawke.