36 Facts About Lane Kiffin


Lane Monte Kiffin was born on May 9,1975 and is an American football coach.

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Lane Kiffin is currently the head football coach at the University of Mississippi.

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Lane Kiffin was the youngest head coach in modern NFL history at the time when he joined the Raiders, and, for a time, was the youngest head coach of a BCS Conference team in college football.

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Lane Kiffin was the offensive coordinator at the University of Alabama from 2014 until 2016, when he was hired to be the head coach at Florida Atlantic, a position he held until December 2019, when he became the head coach at Ole Miss.

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Lane Kiffin is the son of longtime NFL defensive coordinator Monte Lane Kiffin.

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Lane Kiffin graduated from Bloomington Jefferson High School in Minnesota in 1994, and committed to Fresno State University to play college football.

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Lane Kiffin played backup quarterback for the Bulldogs, giving up his senior season to become a Student Assistant Coach for position coach Jeff Tedford, who would later become the head coach at Cal in 2002.

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Lane Kiffin worked as a graduate assistant for one year at Colorado State University.

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Lane Kiffin secured a job with the Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL as a quality control assistant for one year.

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Lane Kiffin was then hired by head coach Pete Carroll as a tight ends coach at USC.

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Lane Kiffin began working with the University of Southern California staff during the 2001 season and became the wide receivers coach prior to the 2002 season.

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Lane Kiffin vehemently opposed the selection of LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell in the 2007 NFL Draft, who would eventually be regarded as one of the biggest draft busts in NFL history.

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At his end-of-the-season press conference, Lane Kiffin told the media and his players that he had many plans and changes he was going to make in the 2008 offseason.

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On September 15,2008, NBC Sports reported Davis was unhappy with Lane Kiffin, and intended to fire him as soon as the following Monday or Tuesday.

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Lane Kiffin later added in an interview with ESPN that he was not proud to be associated with Davis's accusations and was actually more embarrassed for Davis than himself.

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Lane Kiffin filed a grievance against the Raiders, claiming that he was fired without cause, but on November 15,2010, an arbitrator ruled that Davis did indeed have cause to fire Lane Kiffin.

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Several of his former Raider staff expressed interest as Lane Kiffin began assembling his new staff at the University of Tennessee.

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On December 15,2008, Raiders head coach Tom Cable lashed out at Lane Kiffin for hiring one of his assistants, James Cregg, with two weeks remaining in the NFL season.

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On November 28,2008, multiple media outlets reported that Lane Kiffin would be the next head football coach for the University of Tennessee Volunteers in 2009, replacing head coach Phillip Fulmer, who was fired.

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At the age of 33, Lane Kiffin was hired by Tennessee and became the youngest active head coach in Division I FBS, surpassing Northwestern's Pat Fitzgerald.

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Lane Kiffin signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of Tennessee on November 30,2008.

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Lane Kiffin's salary was set to increase over the six-year-deal, reaching a high of $2.

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Lane Kiffin's contract stated that if he resigned, he would have to pay UT $1 million in 2009, with the sum decreasing by $200,000 each year of his contract.

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On February 5,2009, during a Tennessee booster breakfast at the Knoxville Convention Center, Lane Kiffin accused Urban Meyer, then head coach of the Florida Gators and subsequently head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes, of violating NCAA recruiting rules.

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Lane Kiffin issued a public apology one day after making the comment.

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Lane Kiffin denied making the statement, however the incident was corroborated by Jeffery's high school coach Walter Wilson, who was listening to Lane Kiffin's remarks on speakerphone.

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Lane Kiffin apologized and explained that his comments were from the perspective of an opposing coach voting for USC.

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In December 2013, Lane Kiffin spent eight days in Tuscaloosa, Alabama reviewing the Alabama Crimson Tide football team's offense.

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In 2014, Lane Kiffin was a finalist for the Broyles Award, given annually to the nation's top college football assistant coach.

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On December 12,2016, Lane Kiffin accepted the head coaching position at Florida Atlantic University.

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In 2019, Lane Kiffin led FAU to a 10-win season and a second C-USA championship.

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On December 6,2019, it was reported that Lane Kiffin was close to accepting the head coaching position at Ole Miss.

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Lane Kiffin tested positive for COVID-19 two days before the 2021 Ole Miss opener in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game with Louisville and would not make the trip with the team.

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Lane Kiffin and his ex-wife Layla, who is a University of Florida alumna, have three children.

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Lane Kiffin's brother, Chris, was a defensive lineman at Colorado State University and is the current defensive line coach for the Cleveland Browns.

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Lane Kiffin's former father-in-law, John Reaves, was a former starting NFL and USFL quarterback who played college football for the Florida Gators.

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