11 Facts About Larry Charles


Larry Charles was a staff writer for the sitcom Seinfeld for its first five seasons.


Larry Charles has directed the documentary film Religulous and the mockumentary comedy films Borat, Bruno, and The Dictator.


Larry Charles had met Seinfeld co-creator David when he was part of the writing staff of the ABC sketch show Fridays, on which David and Michael Richards were part of the show's ensemble cast.


Larry Charles had been unable to write for the show's first season, as he had been writing for The Arsenio Hall Show.


Larry Charles is noted for contributing some of the show's darker storylines and scenes.


Larry Charles's episodes covered such controversial topics as Nazis, a psychotic stalker and a hospital patient committing suicide.


Larry Charles claimed that his writing on Seinfeld was heavily influenced by Dragnet, Superman and Abbott and Costello.

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Larry Charles has a cameo in the episode titled "The Parking Garage," which was written by David.


In 1995, Larry Charles left the writing staff of Seinfeld to join that of another hugely successful mid-1990s sitcom: Paul Reiser's Mad About You.


Larry Charles served as executive producer on two short-lived programs, The Tick, and the Dilbert animated series, which he co-developed with Scott Adams and co-wrote the following episodes:.


Larry Charles served as an executive producer and writer on the HBO show Entourage for the first two seasons.