39 Facts About Larry Flynt


Larry Flynt was paralyzed from the waist down due to injuries sustained in a 1978 assassination attempt by serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin.


Larry Flynt had two younger siblings: sister Judy.


Larry Flynt's father served in the United States Army in the European theatre of World War II.


Larry Flynt was raised in poverty, and said Magoffin County was the poorest county in the nation during the Great Depression.


The death provoked his parents' divorce one year later; Larry Flynt was then raised by his mother in Hamlet, Indiana, and his brother, Jimmy, was raised by his maternal grandmother in Magoffin County.


Two years later, Larry Flynt returned to live in Magoffin County with his father because he disliked his mother's new boyfriend.


Larry Flynt attended Salyersville High School in the ninth grade.

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Larry Flynt was the operator on duty when the ship was assigned to recover John Glenn's space capsule.


Larry Flynt decided to open a new, higher-class bar, which would be the first in the area to feature nude hostess dancers; he named it the Hustler Club.


Larry Flynt acquired the Dayton franchise of a small newspaper called Bachelor's Beat, which he published for two years before selling it.


Larry Flynt paid the start-up costs of the new magazine by deferring payment of sales taxes his clubs owed on their activities.


Larry Flynt had to fight to publish each issue, as many people, including some at his distribution company, found the magazine too explicit and threatened to remove it from the market.


Shortly thereafter, Larry Flynt was approached by a paparazzo who had taken pictures of former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis while she was sunbathing nude on vacation in 1971.


Larry Flynt's injuries caused him constant, excruciating pain, and he was addicted to painkillers until multiple surgeries deadened the affected nerves.


Larry Flynt had a stroke caused by one of several drug overdoses on his analgesic medication.


Larry Flynt expressed his opposition to the death penalty and stated he did not want Franklin to be executed.


Larry Flynt reported she had ARC, but drowned in a bathtub in 1987.


Larry Flynt married his fifth wife, Elizabeth Berrios, in 1998.


Larry Flynt had four daughters and a son, as well as many grandchildren.


Larry Flynt said he was an evangelical Christian for one year, "converted" in 1977 by evangelist Ruth Carter Stapleton, the sister of President Jimmy Carter.


Larry Flynt said he became "born again" and that he had a vision from God while flying with Stapleton in his jet.


Larry Flynt continued to publish his magazine vowing to "hustle for God".


On June 22,2000, Larry Flynt opened the Hustler Casino, a card room located in the Los Angeles suburb of Gardena.


Larry Flynt was first prosecuted on obscenity and organized crime charges in Cincinnati in 1976 by Simon Leis, who headed a local anti-pornography committee.


Flynt made an appearance in a feature film based on the trial, The People vs Larry Flynt, playing the judge who sentenced him in the case.

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Larry Flynt's lawsuit was dismissed because she had missed the deadline under the statute of limitations.


Larry Flynt then filed a new lawsuit in New Hampshire, where Hustlers sales were very small.


The question of whether she could sue there reached the US Supreme Court in 1983, with Larry Flynt losing the case.


Falwell sued Larry Flynt, citing "emotional distress" caused by the ad.


Larry Flynt said that he no longer had an interest in the Hustler Shops and that prosecutors had no basis for the lawsuit.


Larry Flynt prevailed on the main trademark infringement issue, but lost on invasion of privacy claims.


In 2003, Larry Flynt was a candidate in the recall election of California governor Gray Davis, calling himself a "smut peddler who cares".


In 2003, Larry Flynt purchased nude photographs of former PFC Jessica Lynch, who was captured by Iraqi forces, rescued from an Iraqi hospital by US troops and celebrated as a hero by the media.


Larry Flynt said he would never show any of the photographs, calling Lynch a "good kid" who became "a pawn for the government".


Larry Flynt supported activist groups opposed to the war in Iraq in 2004 and 2005.


Larry Flynt was a strong supporter of LGBT rights and same-sex marriage.


Larry Flynt's conviction was overturned in 1992 when an appeals court ruled that the jury should not have seen cartoons drawn by Tinsley.


Larry Flynt appears in the music video "Afraid" by the American rock band Motley Crue which first aired on June 9,1997.


In January 2019, Larry Flynt discussed the importance of freedom and voting in America when he was interviewed by Weekly Alibi's August March.