13 Facts About Laura Whitehorn


Laura Jane Whitehorn was born on April 1945 and is an American activist who participated in the 1983 United States Senate bombing and was imprisoned 14 years in federal prison.


Laura Whitehorn traveled with them to Havana, Cuba as part of the organization's instruction in the ideology of Marxism and urban warfare, visiting one of the camps established by Soviet KGB Colonel Vadim Kotchergine.


Laura Whitehorn said great care was taken during the numerous bombings to ensure that no one would be hurt, including the janitorial staff.


In 1971, Laura Whitehorn helped organize and lead a takeover and occupation of a Harvard University building by nearly 400 women to protest the war in Vietnam and demand a women's center.


The Prairie Fire Organizing Committee, of which Laura Whitehorn was a member, planned the Hard Times Conference as a way to build a national multiracial coalition.


Laura Whitehorn was so nauseated by the politics of the conference that she became physically ill in the middle of it.


Laura Whitehorn was arrested the same day in a Baltimore apartment rented by Buck and Evans.


Laura Whitehorn agreed to plead guilty to fraud in the possession of false identification documents found by the FBI in the Baltimore apartment.


Laura Whitehorn lost many friends while she was in prison during some of the worst years of the AIDS epidemic.


Laura Whitehorn identifies many consequences of being behind bars for fourteen years, including losing someone you love.


Since her release from prison in August 1999, Laura Whitehorn has been involved in a wide range of causes, including the release of political prisoners.


Laura Whitehorn has contributed writings and art work to numerous books and articles, and has been a guest speaker at several universities, including an official guest of the African American Studies Department at Duke University in 2003, where she was presented as a human rights activist by Duke faculty.


Laura Whitehorn is a member of the NY State taskforce on political prisoners, a group dedicated to supporting New York State "political prisoners" from the black liberation movement and anti-imperialist solidarity movement.