37 Facts About LeAnn Rimes

1. LeAnn Rimes began singing at age two and won her first competition when she was five.

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2. LeAnn Rimes called Spitfire her "intensive therapy" in an interview with Us Weekly.

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3. LeAnn Rimes married Dean Sheremet, a dancer whom she met while hosting the Academy of Country Music Awards in May of 2001.

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4. LeAnn Rimes wanted Curb to turn over the rights to all of her past music and video work, give up publishing interests, and destroy all her recordings now being distributed.

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5. LeAnn Rimes fought Curb Records for the rights to all of her past recordings.

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6. LeAnn Rimes is, as of today's date, the youngest person to ever win a Grammy, which she won at the age of 14.

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7. LeAnn Rimes began singing before she finished elementary education and was a talented, skillful singer by the early age of 9.

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8. At the tender age of 13, LeAnn Rimes became a star after the release of her re-make of Bill Mack's song "Blue".

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9. LeAnn Rimes started performing in talent shows at the age of five.

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10. In 1997, LeAnn Rimes starred in the television movie, Holiday in Your Heart, which was based on her book of the same title.

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11. In 1994, the 11-year-old LeAnn Rimes recorded her first album, All That, with the independent label Nor Va Jak.

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12. LeAnn Rimes voted Best New Artist of 1997 at the Grammy Awards when she was 14 years old.

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13. LeAnn Rimes is an American singer-songwriter, actress, and a highly-acclaimed Country Music star.

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14. LeAnn Rimes attributed the dislocation to temporomandibular joint dysfunction, a disorder of the jaw joint and surrounding muscles.

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15. LeAnn Rimes wanted permission to be released from the contract that was signed by her parents on Rimes' behalf when she originally signed with the label in 1995.

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16. In 2011, LeAnn Rimes hosted the show for her fifth consecutive year, when the show switched sponsorship, to Texaco.

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17. In 2007, LeAnn Rimes began hosting the Colgate Country Showdown, a nationwide televised country music talent competition, similar to that of American Idol or Nashville Star.

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18. LeAnn Rimes plays Meg Galligan in the made for TV movie, Northern Lights, based on the Nora Roberts novel of the same name.

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19. LeAnn Rimes paid tribute to Cline at the 2013 ACA Awards, performing a medley of her hits.

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20. LeAnn Rimes has given credit to artists from various music genres, mainly country and pop.

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21. LeAnn Rimes has a vocal range that goes from D3 to Eb6 which is just a little over three octaves.

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22. LeAnn Rimes was known for choosing mature material that was beyond her age range.

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23. LeAnn Rimes has used distinctive emotional expression in many of her songs, most notably her first single, "Blue", which was sung in the style of Cline.

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24. LeAnn Rimes makes an appearance in the 2017 Channing Tatum film Logan Lucky, in which she sings America the Beautiful.

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25. LeAnn Rimes has indicated that she feels a strong connection with the track.

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26. LeAnn Rimes released a new single, "The Story", on June 24, 2016 in the UK.

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27. On December 10, 2010, LeAnn Rimes released her second single titled "Crazy Women" to radio.

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28. In October 2007, LeAnn Rimes released her ninth studio album, Family.

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29. LeAnn Rimes would team up with country singer and idol Reba McEntire to contribute to the 2004 Dr Pepper commercial campaign.

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30. LeAnn Rimes would make an appearance in the 2000 film Coyote Ugly.

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31. In 2000, LeAnn Rimes would make her full crossover into pop music.

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32. In 1997, LeAnn Rimes released a compilation of previously recorded material under the Nor Va Jak label, Unchained Melody: The Early Years.

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33. In July 1994, LeAnn Rimes recorded the song on her independent album, All That.

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34. LeAnn Rimes was discovered by Dallas disc jockey and record promoter Bill Mack.

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35. LeAnn Rimes appeared a number of times on Johnnie High's Country Music Revue in Arlington, Texas, which gained the attention of national talent scouts.

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36. LeAnn Rimes has written four books: two novels and two children's books.

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37. LeAnn Rimes made her breakthrough into country music in 1996 with her debut album, Blue, which reached No 1 on the Top Country Albums chart and was certified multi-platinum in sales by the Recording Industry Association of America.

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