19 Facts About Lech Poznan


Lech Poznan has won the Polish league a total of eight times, most recently in 2022, and is the most popular football club in the Greater Poland region.

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The origin of Lech Poznan can be traced back to 19 March 1922, when it was officially registered as a football club.

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Lech Poznan only gained twelve points in 22 games, despite having striker Teodor Aniola, the club's top scorer, with 141 goals and top scorer of the Polish championship in three consecutive editions.

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Lech Poznan managed to return to the first division in 1961, but after two seasons with poor results, the blue team was relegated again in 1963.

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Lech Poznan took over the team in 1976, when they were bottom of the table.

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The first league championship for Lech Poznan was a point of advantage over Widzew.

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Lech Poznan defended championship by having a better difference of goals than Widzew to break the tie.

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In 1988, Lech Poznan won another Cup by beating Legia in Lodz in the penalty shootout.

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However, just a few months later, in 2000, Lech Poznan was relegated to the second division after 28 years of presence in the top flight.

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Lech Poznan's first season in the second division was a disaster, as they were very close to falling to the third division.

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On 19 May 2009, Lech Poznan won the Cup for the fifth time by beating Ruch Chorzow with a solo goal by Slawomir Peszko at Stadion Slaski.

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Lech Poznan finished second in their group with Manchester City, leaving Juventus and FC Salzburg out of the tournament.

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Stadion Poznan is the home ground of Lech Poznan, and was one of the venues for the group phase of Euro 2012.

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From its inauguration in August 1980 Lech Poznan has used the ground as its main venue; since 2010 it has been used by Warta Poznan, which currently plays in Ekstraklasa.

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Lech Poznan is considered to have one of the strongest fan support in Poland due to the club's high average attendance in the Ekstraklasa and the atmosphere during the games.

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Lech Poznan's fanbase is mainly located in the Greater Poland region, with fan clubs in many other towns.

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Over a decade Lech Poznan supporters have a fellowship with fans from Arka Gdynia and KS Cracovia sometimes called the Wielka Triada or The Great Triad.

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Relations with local rival Warta Lech Poznan are neutral as the clubs have almost always played in different leagues and many fans attend matches of both teams.

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Lech Poznan Academy is the club's youth system, with several teams across all children's ages up until its most senior U-19 youth team.

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