16 Facts About Lee Breuer


Esser Leopold Breuer was an American playwright, theater director, academic, educator, filmmaker, poet, and lyricist.


Lee Breuer was a founding co-artistic director of Mabou Mines Theater Company in New York City, which Lee Breuer began in 1970 with colleagues Philip Glass, Ruth Maleczech, JoAnne Akalaitis, David Warrilow, and Frederick Neumann.


Since the birth of the company, Lee Breuer worked with Mabou Mines.


In 2013, Lee Breuer directed the La Divina Caricatura: Part I The Shaggy Dog which was co-produced by Mabou Mines.


Lee Breuer directed high definition video adaptation of stage production for Arte television France, which was aired throughout Europe.


In 1980 Lee Breuer received two Obies for writing and direction of his play, A Prelude to a Death in Venice.


Lee Breuer wrote and directed An Epidog, the winner of the President's Commission Kennedy Center-American Express Award for Best New Work.

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In 1981, with Ruth Maleczech, Lee Breuer directed The Tempest for Joseph Papp's Shakespeare in the Park, starring Raul Julia.


Lee Breuer has directed 13 Obie Award-winning productions over a period of more than 40 years including: David Warrilow in The Lost Ones ; Bill Raymond in A Prelude to Death in Venice ; Ruth Maleczech in Hajj ; Yoshida Tamamatsu in The Warrior Ant ; Ruth Maleczech, Isabel Monk, Karen Kandel and Greg Mehrten in Mabou Mines Lear ; Karen Kandel in Peter and Wendy ; and Maude Mitchell in Mabou Mines Dollhouse.


Lee Breuer taught an acting workshop in New Delhi, India during the summer of 2011 where he wrote and directed a workshop production of La Divina Caricatura.


Lee Breuer studied English at the University of California, Los Angeles.


Lee Breuer had three children by other relationships.


Mitchell and Mr Lee Breuer met in 1999 at Sundance Theater Lab and became partners; they married in 2015.


Lee Breuer died at his home in Brooklyn Heights on January 3,2021, at age 83.


Lee Breuer had advanced kidney disease and metastatic lung cancer.


In 1998, Lee Breuer, was awarded an honorary degree from California Institute of the Arts.