21 Facts About Lee Jung-hyun


Lee Jung-hyun was first recognized for her acting abilities with award-winning role in her first film and has been solidified as one of the top international acts from South Korea with her illustrious singing career.


Lee Jung-hyun has been known as "the Techno Queen" as she introduced the techno music genre to Korea.


Lee Jung-hyun is known as one of the first artists who introduced Korean Wave to China and caused a sensation.


Lee Jung-hyun made her acting debut at the age of 16 in A Petal in 1996, which won her 'Best New Actress' at the 34th Grand Bell Awards, 17th Blue Dragon Film Awards and 16th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards.


Since 1996, Lee Jung-hyun has had numerous acting roles with projects in South Korea, Japan and China.


In 2010, Lee Jung-hyun regained her acting strides with the Chinese series Confucius, playing the role of Nanzi.


In 2011, Lee Jung-hyun portrayed a shaman in Park Chan-wook and Park Chan-kyong's award-winning fantasy short film Night Fishing, which was shot entirely on an iPhone.

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In 2012, Lee Jung-hyun portrayed a single mother in the coming-of-age film Juvenile Offender, which won Best Feature at the Tokyo International Film Festival.


Lee Jung-hyun was next cast in the 2014 period blockbuster The Admiral: Roaring Currents, as the sole female character in the main cast.


Lee Jung-hyun returned to television in the SBS' drama The Family is Coming.


Lee Jung-hyun then starred in the bowling film Split in 2016, and war film The Battleship Island in 2017.


In 2019, Lee Jung-hyun was scheduled to star in the romantic comedy film Shall We Do It Again.


Lee Jung-hyun assumes a unique persona for each release, such as a mermaid, Barbie doll, tribal queen, soldier, Korean folk dancer, belly dancer, or princess of the sea.


Lee Jung-hyun has garnered many nicknames over the years, including Techno Queen of Korea, Queen of Performance Art, Ms.


Lee Jung-hyun appeared in the music video for Goofy's "The Rule of the Game".


Lee Jung-hyun released Japanese versions of her early hits Wa and Heaven in December 2004.


On December 31,2004, Lee Jung-hyun was invited to perform Heaven and Wa-come on- and participate at the 55th edition of Kohaku Uta Gassen, an annual New Year's Eve live music show.


Lee Jung-hyun was the first foreigner to participate in singing the Beijing Olympic 2008 Theme Song.


On June 22,2012, Lee Jung-hyun was appointed as an honorary ambassador for the Korea-China Cultural Industry Conference, called CICON.


Lee Jung-hyun married an orthopedic doctor in a private ceremony in 2019.


On December 7,2021, Lee Jung-hyun announced that she is pregnant on her YouTube channel.