11 Facts About Lee Strasberg

1. In short, Lee Strasberg transformed a socialistic, egalitarian theory of acting into a celebrity-making machine.

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2. Lee Strasberg will be missed, but he leaves behind a great legacy.

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3. Lee Strasberg was a giant of the theater and was deeply mourned.

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4. At his classes in the technique of acting, Lee Strasberg laid down the rules, supervised the first exercises.

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5. Lee Strasberg enjoyed his eminence just as the admiral would.

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6. Lee Strasberg tried to project himself as an acting oracle and guru.

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7. Lee Strasberg wrote: "At the studio, we do not sit around and feed each other's egos.

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8. Lee Strasberg assumed leadership of the studio in 1951 as its artistic director.

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9. Lee Strasberg is one of the few artists among American theater directors.

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10. Lee Strasberg gained a reputation with the Theater Guild of New York and helped form the Group Theater in New York in 1931.

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11. Lee Strasberg co-founded, with directors Harold Clurman and Cheryl Crawford, the Group Theatre in 1931, which was hailed as "America's first true theatrical collective".

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