16 Facts About Leiji Matsumoto


Leiji Matsumoto was a Japanese manga artist, and creator of several anime and manga series.


Leiji Matsumoto's style was characterized by mythological and often tragic storylines with strong moral themes, noble heroes, feminine heroines, and a love of strange worlds and melancholic atmosphere.


Leiji Matsumoto was born January 25,1938, in Kurume, Fukuoka.


Leiji Matsumoto was the middle child of a family of seven brothers, and, in his early childhood, Matsumoto was given a 35mm film projector by his father.


Leiji Matsumoto watched American cartoons during the Pacific War and developed an interest in science fiction novels by Unno Juza and H G Wells.


Leiji Matsumoto started drawing when he was six and, inspired by Osamu Tezuka's work, began drawing manga three years later.


Leiji Matsumoto moved to Tokyo at 18 to become a manga artist.


In 1953, Leiji Matsumoto made his debut under his real name, Akira Leiji Matsumoto, with Mitsubachi no boken in the magazine Manga Shonen.


Leiji Matsumoto was involved in Space Battleship Yamato and created the highly popular series Space Pirate Captain Harlock and Galaxy Express 999.


Leiji Matsumoto supervised the creation of several music videos for the French house group Daft Punk, set to tracks from their album Discovery.


Leiji Matsumoto worked with Yoshinobu Nishizaki on Space Battleship Yamato.


Leiji Matsumoto created a manga loosely based on the series, and the Yamato makes cameo appearances in several of his works including the Galaxy Express 999 manga.


Leiji Matsumoto was married to manga artist and Licca-chan creator Miyako Maki.


On November 15,2019, Leiji Matsumoto suffered severe respiratory problems and collapsed during an event in Turin, Italy, for the 40th-anniversary tour celebrating Captain Harlock anime adaptation.


Leiji Matsumoto was taken to a hospital in critical condition and had a breathing tube inserted after he was admitted to the emergency unit.


Leiji Matsumoto died of acute heart failure at a hospital in Tokyo on February 13,2023, at 85.