10 Facts About Li-Young Lee


Li-Young Lee was born on August 19,1957 and is an American poet.


Li-Young Lee was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, to Chinese parents.


In 1959 the Li-Young Lee family fled Indonesia to escape widespread anti-Chinese sentiment and after a five-year trek through Hong Kong and Japan, they settled in the United States in 1964.


Li-Young Lee attended the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Arizona, and the State University of New York at Brockport.


Li-Young Lee attended the University of Pittsburgh, where he began to develop his love for writing.


Li-Young Lee had seen his father find his passion for ministry and as a result of his father reading to him and encouraging Lee to find his passion, Lee began to dive into the art of language.


Li-Young Lee's writing has been influenced by classic Chinese poets, such as Li Bai and Du Fu.


Many of Li-Young Lee's poems are filled with themes of simplicity, strength, and silence.


Li-Young Lee writes with simplicity and passion which creates images that take the reader deeper and requires his audience to fill in the gaps with their own imagination.


Li-Young Lee has been an established Asian American poet who has been doing interviews for the past twenty years.