12 Facts About LibreOffice


LibreOffice is a free and open-source office productivity software suite, a project of The Document Foundation .

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LibreOffice uses the OpenDocument standard as its native file format, but supports formats of most other major office suites, including Microsoft Office, through a variety of import and export filters.

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LibreOffice is available for a variety of computing platforms, with official support for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux and community builds for many other platforms.

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LibreOffice is the default office suite of most popular Linux distributions.

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LibreOffice Online is an online office suite which includes the applications Writer, Calc and Impress and provides an upstream for projects such as commercial Collabora Online.

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LibreOffice Impress Remote application for various mobile operating systems allows for remote control of LibreOffice Impress presentations.

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On 15 December 2015, Collabora, in partnership with ownCloud, released a technical preview of LibreOffice Online branded as Collabora Online Development Edition .

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Visually, LibreOffice used the large "Tango style" icons that are used for the application shortcuts, quick launch icons, icons for associated files and for the icons found on the toolbar of the LibreOffice programs in the past, and used on the toolbars and menus by default.

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LibreOffice uses HarfBuzz for complex text layout, it was first introduced in 4.

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LibreOffice Basic is a programming language similar to Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications but based on StarOffice Basic.

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Name "LibreOffice" was picked after researching trademark databases and social media, as well as after checks were made to see if it could be used for URLs in various countries.

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LibreOffice uses a time-based release schedule for predictability, rather than a "when it's ready" schedule.

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