11 Facts About Lila Tretikov


Lila Tretikov's father is a mathematician, and her mother was a filmmaker.


Lila Tretikov's majors were computer science and art, and she researched machine learning.


In 1999, Tretikov began working as a software engineer in California, where she co-authored several software patents and was a specialist in enterprise software.


Lila Tretikov started her professional career at Sun Microsystems as an engineer at the Sun-Netscape Alliance, where she worked on the Java server.


Lila Tretikov has co-authored several patents in intelligent data mapping and dynamic language applications.


Lila Tretikov was appointed executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation in May 2014 in succession to Sue Gardner and took up the post on June 1,2014.


Lila Tretikov had edited Wikipedia only once before her appointment.


Lila Tretikov resigned from the Wikimedia Foundation as a result of the WMF's controversial Knowledge Engine project and disagreements with the staff, with her last day being March 31,2016.


Lila Tretikov was succeeded by Katherine Maher in March 2016.


On March 16,2016, it was announced that Lila Tretikov had been invited by the World Economic Forum to join its Young Global Leaders community.


Lila Tretikov is on the boards of OpenEd and Rackspace, and joined the board of directors of Volvo Cars in March 2021.