44 Facts About Lincoln Riley

1. Lincoln Riley signed nearly as many Texas players as Herman did (12).

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2. Lincoln Riley joined the 247Sports Signing Day Show, presented by US Army, with severe enthusiasm about the latest additions to the roster.

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3. Lincoln Riley expressed enthusiasm in his defensive additions to the roster in recruiting.

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4. Lincoln Riley said Ugwoegbu's immediate future at OU is on defense.

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5. Lincoln Riley talked at length about his 2019 signing class, but he provided an update on new quarterback Jalen Hurts, who transferred over from Alabama.

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6. Lincoln Riley earned $3.1 million when he first succeeded Bob Stoops as OU's head coach in 2017.

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7. Lincoln Riley receiving a raise and extension was announced by OU several weeks ago, but it's encouraging to see a number this high next to the guy's name.

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8. Lincoln Riley was the only person that I would leave there for.

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9. Lincoln Riley was born in Lubbock on a Monday, September 5, 1983.

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10. Lincoln Riley was born in Lubbock, Texas on the 5th of September 1983.

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11. Lincoln Riley is currently the head coach of the University of Oklahoma.

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12. Lincoln Riley was the offensive coordinator at ECU for five seasons, where he coach several high profile players like Shane Carden and Justin Hardy.

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13. Lincoln Riley already had received several major raises in the past two years.

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14. Lincoln Riley served as offensive coordinator in 2015 and 2016 before being promoted to head coach when Bob Stoops retired in 2017.

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15. Lincoln Riley will make approximately $6 million in 2019, which makes him the highest paid coach in the Big 12.

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16. Lincoln Riley spent two seasons as the Sooners offensive coordinator before earning a promotion to head coach, replacing Bob Stoops ahead of the 2017 season.

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17. Lincoln Riley will receive an annual $700,000 stay bonus for each year he decides not to leave Oklahoma.

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18. Lincoln Riley will make $6 million as Oklahoma football coach in 2019, per terms of the contract approved by OU's Board of Regents Wednesday.

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19. Lincoln Riley will get $7.3 million should he still be OU's coach in 2021.

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20. Lincoln Riley chose to remain with the Sooners despite receiving overtures from the NFL after leading Oklahoma to back-to-back College Football Playoff appearances in his first two seasons as head coach.

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21. Lincoln Riley can net up to $750,000 annually in performance bonuses.

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22. Lincoln Riley has led the Sooners to two College Football Playoff berths since taking over for Bob Stoops in 2017.

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23. Lincoln Riley graduated from Texas Tech in 2006 with a bachelor's degree in exercise and sports science.

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24. Lincoln Riley was hired by Bob Stoops to be the offensive coordinator for the Oklahoma Sooners on January 12, 2015.

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25. Lincoln Riley is currently the head coach at the University of Oklahoma.

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26. In 2016, after Lincoln Riley had moved on to Oklahoma, he and Caitlin welcomed their second daughter, Stella.

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27. In 2007, Lincoln Riley was made the receivers coach, a position he held for three additional years.

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28. Lincoln Riley was born on September 5th, 1983 in Lubbock, Texas.

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29. Lincoln Riley is taking over for legendary coach Bob Stoops, 56, will retire after 18 seasons.

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30. Lincoln Riley is the new head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners.

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31. Lincoln Riley issued their Q3 2018 EPS estimates for AcelRx Pharmaceuticals new position in shares of AcelRx Pharmaceuticals during the first quarter worth $113,000.

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32. Lincoln Riley took a job at Oregon State shortly after his dismissal by Nebraska, with his $50,000 salary very slightly mitigating his buyout number.

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33. Lincoln Riley took a job at Oregon State shortly after could handle that", athletic director Bill Moos said by way of the Lincoln Journal Star.

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34. Lincoln Riley addresses the media in his weekly press conference in advance of the matchup.

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35. Lincoln Riley has been so innovative an offensive coach, you wonder if he might actually go for door No 1.

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36. Lincoln Riley defended his defense this week, even as it slips further down the Big 12's statistical lists.

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37. Lincoln Riley currently is in his second season as Oklahoma's head coach and pushed the Sooners to a Rose Bowl appearance last year.

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38. Lincoln Riley was asked if he has given much thought to his permanent replacement for Mike Stoops at defensive coordinator.

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39. In his first season at Oklahoma, Lincoln Riley led the Sooners to the 7th ranked offense in the country and to the College Football Playoff.

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40. Lincoln Riley was hired by Bob Stoops to be the Oklahoma Sooners' offensive coordinator on January 12, 2015.

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41. Lincoln Riley talks about Oklahoma's 66—33 win over Baylor, and Kyler Murray as well.

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42. Lincoln Riley was asked about his interest in an NFL job at his weekly press.

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43. Lincoln Riley says he has no interest in NFL jobs right now.

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44. Lincoln Riley is already taking his name out of the Cleveland Browns' head coaching vacancy.

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