17 Facts About Linda Dano


Linda Dano was born on Linda Rae Wildermuth and is an American actress.

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Linda Dano was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award five times, winning once in 1993 for her work on Another World.

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Linda Dano co-hosted the talk show Attitudes on Lifetime, and had a long-running clothing and home-furnishings line with QVC, first partnering with the home shopping channel in 1993 and ultimately working with them for over 20 years.

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Linda Dano was married to actor Frank Attardi for over 20 years until his death in 2004.

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Linda Dano was cast in the short-lived 1975 NBC comedy series The Montefuscos, which was cancelled after three episodes were broadcast and ultimately ran for seven.

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Linda Dano next portrayed romance novelist Felicia Gallant on Another World from 1982 until the show's cancellation on June 25,1999, her performance winning her the Daytime Emmy Award for Lead Actress in 1993.

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On June 28,1999, Linda Dano returned to One Life to Live as Gretel, now calling herself "Rae" Cummings.

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In 2003, Linda Dano was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Supporting Actress for the role, and left One Life to Live on March 13,2004.

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In 2005, Linda Dano appeared briefly as Lena Kendall on CBS's Guiding Light.

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Linda Dano was impersonated on NBC's Saturday Night Live in the late 1980s by Nora Dunn.

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In early 2021, Linda Dano stepped into the role briefly of Vivian Alamain on NBC's Days of Our Lives.

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Linda Dano hosted an Another World reunion special on SOAPnet in 2003 for which she was later nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Special Class Special.

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Linda Dano has written a style and fashion column for Soap Opera Digest on and off for years, and has had her own merchandise lines on QVC, with Linda Dano having celebrated her 20th anniversary affiliated with the home shopping network in February 2013.

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In 2021, Linda Dano starred in a Hallmark movie production, A Little Daytime Drama.

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Several years, Linda Dano has worked with organizations to tackle medical conditions such as depression and Alzheimer's disease.

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Linda Dano is active in such groups as HeartShare, the National Osteoporosis Foundation, the National Alzheimer's Association, and Support Partners, among others.

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Linda Dano is a patron of the Catholic Guardian Society of New York.

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