11 Facts About Lindsey Hunter


Lindsey Hunter played in the National Basketball Association from 1993 to 2010, spending most of his career with the Detroit Pistons.

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Lindsey Hunter was the interim head coach of the Phoenix Suns in 2013.

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Lindsey Hunter was traded to the Boston Celtics in February 2004 along with Chucky Atkins and Detroit's 2004 first-round draft pick for Mike James, in order to make the salary cap figures work out for the trade that brought Rasheed Wallace to the Pistons.

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Lindsey Hunter never played a game for the Celtics; he was immediately released and re-signed by Detroit a week later.

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Lindsey Hunter was credited with guarding Jason Kidd, Kobe Bryant, and Tony Parker in Detroit's two Finals runs.

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On March 7,2007, Lindsey Hunter was suspended for ten games after testing positive for phentermine.

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Lindsey Hunter claimed he was using his wife's diet pills, which made him test positive for the banned substance.

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Lindsey Hunter signed a one-year nonguaranteed contract with the Chicago Bulls on November 13,2008.

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On July 13,2009, Lindsey Hunter re-signed with the Bulls for the veteran minimum of $1.

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On September 18,2013, Lindsey Hunter joined the Golden State Warriors as an assistant coach.

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On June 13,2016, Lindsey Hunter was named an assistant coach on Nate Oats' staff at the University at Buffalo.

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