16 Facts About Little Caesars

1. Little Caesars is a pizza restaurant chain providing pizzas that are made from high-quality ingredients.

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2. In 1989, Little Caesars moved its headquarters to Downtown Detroit, setting up shop in the historic Fox Theatre Building, which is home to the largest surviving movie palace of the 1920s in America.

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3. Little Caesars has focused on keeping prices low from the very beginning.

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4. Little Caesars have always prided themselves on their low prices.

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5. Little Caesars looks to be testing a new, pasta-topped Lasagna Pizza in select locations in Ohio, West Virginia, and Georgia.

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6. Little Caesars had more than $3 billion in revenue for 2017.

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7. Little Caesars was originally founded in 1959 by Mike and Marian Illitch in a suburb near Detroit, Michigan.

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8. Little Caesars is testing a pizza that is definitely one of the most over.

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9. Little Caesars has created the ultimate mash-up of Italian foods with a brand-new lasagna pizza.

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10. Little Caesars is testing out a new product—lasagna pizza.

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11. The first Kmart and the first Little Caesars were both built in Garden City, Michigan.

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12. In 2006, Little Caesars started its Veterans Program, which provides incentives to honorably discharged veterans looking to open their own business when transitioning back to civilian life or seeking a career change.

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13. On December 10, 2014, Little Caesars announced plans for a new eight-story, 205,000-square-foot Global Resource Center to be built at Woodward Avenue and Columbia Street in downtown Detroit.

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14. Little Caesars was among the first to use a new kind of speed-cooking conveyor oven, the "Rotary Air Impingement Oven" as described in US Patent 5676044.

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15. In 1998, Little Caesars filled what was then the largest pizza order, filling an order of 13,386 pizzas from the VF Corporation of Greensboro, North Carolina.

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16. Little Caesars has since discarded the unwieldy packaging in favor of typical pizza boxes.

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