41 Facts About London Breed

1. In 2012, London Breed told the Fog City Journal news site, "Willie Brown didn't wipe my ass when I was a baby; my grandmother took care of me.

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2. London Breed was raised by her grandmother, Cornelia Brown, in San Francisco's Plaza East public housing complex.

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3. London Breed is a former member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in California, representing District 5 from 2013 to 2018.

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4. London Breed passed the drug take-back legislation that has kept over 40 tons of medical waste out of the Bay and landfills and Styrofoam ban in the country.

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5. London Breed helped transform unused public housing units into homes for the homeless.

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6. London Breed was first elected into the Board of Supervisors in November 2012 and made the president in 2015.

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7. London Breed has a reputation of being a straight-talker and firecracker, a contrast to the mild-mannered Lee.

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8. London Breed was born August 11, 1974, and raised in a San Francisco public housing development by her grandmother.

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9. London Breed has a history of working to make San Francisco a better place to live.

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10. London Breed told Politico that she never envisioned herself in politics, but "I was watching people like Kamala Harris and I thought, 'Whoa, you can be in politics and stay true to who you are as a person.

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11. London Breed is a proud, native San Franciscan who was raised by her grandmother in public housing, according to her campaign site.

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12. London Breed will serve until 2020, finishing the term of the late Mayor Ed Lee, who died in December at age 65, according to CNN.

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13. London Breed has often spoken publicly about her tough upbringing, describing a childhood spent in poverty in the Western Addition public housing projects.

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14. London Breed continued to explain why bringing Mark Davis' team across the Bay Bridge would be a major mistake for the city of San Francisco.

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15. London Breed cited other logistical issues with a Raiders move across the bay.

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16. London Breed cosponsored the 2014 legislation to implement Vision Zero, a plan to eliminate all traffic fatalities via improved engineering, education, and enforcement.

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17. In 2015 London Breed coauthored legislation to create San Francisco's Transportation Sustainability Fee, requiring residential developers to pay a fee toward transportation improvements.

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18. London Breed cosponsored 2014's Proposition A, a $500 million bond to fund street repaving, infrastructure repair, transit service improvements, and increased bicycle and pedestrian safety.

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19. London Breed worked with then-Supervisor Scott Wiener in 2013 to persuade Muni to change the seat layout in its trains from forward-facing to side-facing to create additional room for passengers.

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20. London Breed passed legislation in 2015 to create Neighborhood Commercial Transit District in the Divisadero and Fillmore corridors in her district.

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21. London Breed worked with then-Mayor Lee to pass a $350 million Public Health and Safety Bond in 2016, which funded $272 million in improvements for fire and healthcare facilities, $58 million for a new ambulance center, and $20 million for homeless shelters.

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22. In 2015 London Breed worked with then-Mayor Ed Lee to help add 400 new police officers to the San Francisco Police Department and outfit every officer with body cameras.

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23. London Breed fought for substantially more funding for emergency medical services, ultimately succeeding in getting $47.3 million invested to hire EMTs, paramedics, firefighters, and 911 dispatchers, as well as buy new ambulances and fire trucks, and improve SFFD facilities.

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24. London Breed was unanimously reelected to another two-year term as Board President on January 9, 2017.

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25. In February 2016, London Breed announced her reelection bid to represent District 5.

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26. London Breed succeeded District Four Supervisor Katy Tang, who assumed the presidency temporarily after then-Board President David Chiu resigned to begin serving in the California Assembly.

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27. On January 8, 2015, London Breed was elected President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors first by a vote of 8 to 3 and then unanimously.

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28. London Breed was inaugurated as District 5 supervisor on January 8, 2013, with then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris administering the oath of office.

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29. London Breed earned a bachelor's degree from the University of California, Davis in 1997 and a master's degree in public administration from the University of San Francisco in 2012.

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30. In 2015 London Breed passed legislation requiring drug manufacturers to fund a drug take-back program in San Francisco, enabling consumers to place unused medications in secure drop-off bins in pharmacies.

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31. In 2016 London Breed passed the strongest styrofoam ban in the country, banning almost all sales and uses of Styrofoam in San Francisco, including cups, egg cartons, coolers, and packing peanuts.

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32. London Breed worked for the subsequent 17 months to launch CleanPowerSF, often fighting with the Lee administration.

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33. London Breed had work on the project stopped and called a hearing at the Board of Supervisors about the matter.

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34. London Breed carried the legislation to place Regional Measure 3 on the San Francisco ballot in June 2018.

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35. London Breed worked with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and Bay Area Rapid Transit and carried the legislation to add cellular service for riders on Muni's underground trains.

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36. London Breed carried multiple pieces of legislation allowing Muni to purchase hundreds of new buses and replace its entire fleet of trains.

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37. In 2015 London Breed helped pass "neighborhood preference" legislation to prioritize neighborhood residents for the affordable homes built in their community.

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38. London Breed resigned as president of the Board of Supervisors on June 26, 2018, and was succeeded by Malia Cohen in a unanimous vote by the Board.

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39. London Breed was named to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency Commission in 2004.

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40. Born in San Francisco, London Breed was raised by her grandmother in Plaza East public housing in the Western Addition neighborhood of the city.

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41. London Breed was the winning candidate in the San Francisco mayoral special election held on June 5, 2018.

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