12 Facts About Lorenz Hart


Lorenz Milton Hart was an American lyricist and half of the Broadway songwriting team Rodgers and Hart.


Lorenz Hart received his early education from Columbia Grammar School and entered Columbia College in 1913, before switching to Columbia University School of Journalism, where he attended for two years.


Rodgers and Lorenz Hart subsequently wrote the song and lyrics for 26 Broadway musicals during a partnership of more than 20 years that ended shortly before Lorenz Hart's early death.


The Rodgers and Lorenz Hart songs have been described as intimate and destined for long lives outside the theater.


Lorenz Hart has been called "the expressive bard of the urban generation which matured during the interwar years".


Rodgers and Lorenz Hart wrote music and lyrics for several films, including Love Me Tonight, The Phantom President, Hallelujah, I'm a Bum, and Mississippi.


Nevertheless, Rodgers and Lorenz Hart continued working together through mid-1942, with their final new musical being 1942's By Jupiter.


Lorenz Hart, meanwhile, was much affected by his mother's death in late April 1943.


Lorenz Hart had taken off the night of the opening and was gone for two days.


Lorenz Hart was found ill in a hotel room and taken to Doctors Hospital, Upper East Side, but died within a few days.


Lorenz Hart suffered from alcoholism, and would sometimes disappear and be gone for weeks at a time on alcoholic binges.


Lorenz Hart's remains are buried in Mount Zion Cemetery in Queens County, New York.