26 Facts About Lorne Michaels


Lorne Michaels was born on Lorne David Lipowitz; November 17,1944 and is a Canadian-American television and film producer.


Lorne Michaels created and produces Saturday Night Live and produced the Late Night series, The Kids in the Hall and The Tonight Show.


Lorne Michaels has received 21 Primetime Emmy Awards from 98 nominations, holding the record as the most nominated individual in the award show's history.


Lorne Michaels was born on November 17,1944, to Florence and Henry Abraham Lipowitz.


Lorne Michaels's place of birth is disputed; multiple sources have said he was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, while others state he was born on a kibbutz in the then British mandate of Palestine and that his Jewish family immigrated to Toronto when he was an infant.


Lorne Michaels graduated from University College, Toronto, where he majored in English, in 1966.


Lorne Michaels began his career as a writer and broadcaster for CBC Radio.

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Lorne Michaels starred with Hart Pomerantz in The Hart and Lorne Terrific Hour, a series of comedy specials that ran on CBC in the early 1970s.


In 1975, Lorne Michaels created the TV show NBC's Saturday Night, which in 1977 changed its name to Saturday Night Live.


Originally the producer of the show, Lorne Michaels was a writer and later became executive producer.


Lorne Michaels occasionally appears on-screen as well, where he is known for his deadpan humor.


Lorne Michaels has been with SNL for all seasons except for his hiatus in the early 1980s.


Lorne Michaels appeared in a sketch about underage drinking when Zac Efron hosted the show.


Lorne Michaels appeared in the show during the first season, where he offered The Beatles $3,000 to reunite on the show.


Lorne Michaels later increased his offer to $3,200, but the money was never claimed.


Lorne Michaels founded the production company Broadway Video in 1979, which has produced SNL since 1981 as well as other shows such as Canadian sketch-comedy The Kids in the Hall which began airing in 1988 on CBC in Canada, debuting in the US market in 1989 on cable television network HBO until moving to CBS in 1993.


Lorne Michaels is the executive producer of the NBC show Late Night, and was the executive producer of 30 Rock and Up All Night during their runs.


Lorne Michaels has three children and has been married three times.


Lorne Michaels married model Susan Forristal in 1981, which ended in divorce in 1987.


Lorne Michaels became a US citizen in 1987 and was inducted into the Order of Canada in 2002.


In 1999, Lorne Michaels was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame and was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Also in 1999, Lorne Michaels received an honorary degree from Ryerson University.


Lorne Michaels received the Governor General's Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement in 2006, Canada's highest honor in the performing arts.


In 2012, Lorne Michaels was awarded a rare Personal Peabody Award.


Lorne Michaels accepted at a ceremony in New York City at the Waldorf Astoria New York hotel.

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In December 2021, Lorne Michaels was honored at the Kennedy Center Honors, along with Justino Diaz, Berry Gordy, Bette Midler, and Joni Mitchell.