10 Facts About Louie Anderson

1. In 1997, Louie Anderson was blackmailed by a man named Richard John Gordon.

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2. In October 2014, Louie Anderson signed on as the promotional spokesperson for his home state's Land O'Lakes Sweet Cream butter brand.

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3. In 2001, Louie Anderson appeared on an episode of Weakest Link, winning $31,000.

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4. In 1999, Louie Anderson landed the role of host of the new version of Family Feud.

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5. In 1995, Louie Anderson created and produced a Saturday-morning animated series for Fox called Life with Louie.

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6. In 1988, Louie Anderson played a role in John Landis' film Coming to America, which starred Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall; and starred in the camp comedy The Wrong Guys.

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7. In 1987, Louie Anderson appeared in a comedy special on Showtime.

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8. In 1986, Louie Anderson had a small role in the singing-telegram scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

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9. In late 1985, Louie Anderson was cast as Lou Appleton alongside Bronson Pinchot on the pilot episode of Perfect Strangers for ABC.

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10. On November 20, 1984, Louie Anderson made his network debut as a stand-up comedian on The Tonight Show.

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