7 Facts About Louise Linton

1. Louise Linton serves on the board of Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA and the Old Fettesian's US Board of Trustees for Fettes College in Edinburgh.

2. Louise Linton met Mnuchin through mutual friends at a 2013 wedding reception in Los Angeles.

3. Louise Linton was married to Los Angeles defense attorney Ronald Richards from 2006 to 2009.

4. In February 2017, Louise Linton succeeded her fiance, Steven Mnuchin, as the interim CEO of Dune Entertainment.

5. Louise Linton was featured in the 2003 reality TV series Hopelessly Rich.

6. Louise Linton was educated at St George's School for Girls and Fettes College.

7. Louise Linton is married to Steven Mnuchin, the current United States Secretary of the Treasury.