7 Facts About Luciano Pavarotti

1. In 2001, Luciano Pavarotti received the Nansen Medal from the UN High Commission for Refugees for his efforts raising money on behalf of refugees worldwide.

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2. In 1999, Luciano Pavarotti performed a charity benefit concert in Beirut, to mark Lebanon's reemergence on the world stage after a brutal 15 year civil war.

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3. On 13 March 2004, Luciano Pavarotti gave his last performance in an opera at the New York Metropolitan Opera, for which he received a long standing ovation for his role as the painter Mario Cavaradossi in Giacomo Puccini's Tosca.

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4. In 1998, Luciano Pavarotti was presented with the Grammy Legend Award.

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5. In September 1995, Luciano Pavarotti performed Ave Maria along with Dolores O'Riordan; Diana, Princess of Wales, who attended the live performance, told O'Riordan that the song brought her to tears.

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6. In 1996, Luciano Pavarotti appeared for the last time at the Staatsoper in Andrea Chenier.

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7. In 1976, Luciano Pavarotti debuted at the Salzburg Festival, appearing in a solo recital on 31 July, accompanied by pianist Leone Magiera.

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