11 Facts About Ludovico Ariosto


Ludovico Ariosto is best known as the author of the romance epic Orlando Furioso.


Ludovico Ariosto coined the term "humanism" for choosing to focus upon the strengths and potential of humanity, rather than only upon its role as subordinate to God.


Ludovico Ariosto was born in Reggio nell'Emilia, where his father Niccolo Ludovico Ariosto was commander of the citadel.


Ludovico Ariosto was the oldest of 10 children and was seen as the successor to the patriarchal position of his family.


From his earliest years, Ludovico Ariosto was very interested in poetry, but he was obliged by his father to study law.


Ludovico Ariosto appears in Leonardo's Sketch for a Portrait of Isabella d'Este at the Louvre.


Ludovico Ariosto's excuses were not well-received, and he was denied even an interview.


Ludovico Ariosto was appointed to the province of Garfagnana, then without a governor, situated on the Apennines, an appointment he held for three years.


Ludovico Ariosto's government satisfied both the sovereign and the people given over to his care, however; indeed, there is a story about a time when he was walking alone and fell into the company of a group of bandits, the chief of which, on discovering that his captive was the author of Orlando Furioso, apologized for not having immediately shown him the respect due his rank.


Scott, in turn, was influenced by Ludovico Ariosto and expressed his admiration for the Orlando Furioso.


Lodovico Ludovico Ariosto is featured in the novelization of Assassin's Creed: Revelations as an Assassin.