42 Facts About Luis Fonsi

1. Luis Fonsi has two younger siblings: Juan Rodriguez, who is a singer, and Tatiana Rodriguez.

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2. Luis Fonsi was born on April 15, 1978 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the oldest child of Alfonso Rodriguez and Delia Lopez-Cepero.

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3. Luis Fonsi is back with his ninth studio album, Vida.

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4. Luis Fonsi is apparently open to new versions of his 2017 hit single "Despacito.

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5. Luis Fonsi dropped by The Tonight Show, and the duo put the song to the test, replacing the slow "despacito" that introduces the chorus with odes to "Flaming Hot Cheeto" and Jared Leto.

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6. Luis Fonsi stopped by The Tonight Show on Wednesday night, and the hit-maker and host Jimmy Fallon hilariously rewrote his biggest hit with the wackiest lyrics.

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7. Luis Fonsi is known for multiple songs, one of them being "Despacito", featuring Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee.

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8. Luis Fonsi owes his luck to smart stock properties, substantial property holdings, lucrative endorsement deals with 'CoverGirl cosmetics.

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9. Luis Fonsi was married to his girlfriend, Adamari Lopez on June 3, 2006, in a religious ceremony in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

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10. Luis Fonsi entered the cast of Broadway's' Forever Tango' for a two-week engagement in August 2013.

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11. Luis Fonsi received a Latin Grammy Award for "Song of the Year" for his composition "Aqui Estoy Yo" in 2009.

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12. In 2003, Luis Fonsi released the song' Abrazar la Vida', of the album, named Abrazar la Vida.

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13. Luis Fonsi attended at Florida State University to study music in 1995.

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14. Luis Fonsi was largely an unknown personality except in his homeland of Puerto Rico and the rest of the Spanish speaking world before 2017.

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15. In 1995, Luis Fonsi won a full scholarship to Florida State University School of Music where he majored in vocal performance.

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16. Luis Fonsi is a supporter of spread the Latin culture around the worlds.

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17. In 2003, Luis Fonsi started to become romantically interested in actress Adamari Lopez, who, as an Univision artist and fellow Puerto Rican, constantly found herself near Fonsi.

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18. Luis Fonsi had a special appearance in 2001 on the Nickelodeon television series Taina.

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19. In 2004, Luis Fonsi made his second acting appearance on the Mexican telenovela named Corazones al limite in which he played Roy.

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20. Luis Fonsi mentioned that acting would be on his career path and that he wouldn't mind acting with Mexican actors and actresses.

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21. In 2011, Luis Fonsi released the album Tierra Firme, and went on tour to promote it throughout Latin America.

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22. Around this time, Luis Fonsi recorded a duet with Christina Aguilera for her 2000 Spanish-language album, Mi Reflejo.

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23. Luis Fonsi joined the school's choir the Florida State University Singers and sang with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.

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24. Luis Fonsi has two younger siblings: Jean Rodriguez, who is a singer, and Tatiana Rodriguez.

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25. Luis Fonsi is known for multiple song one of them being "Despacito", featuring Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee.

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26. Jennifer Lopez and Luis Fonsi are among the Latino celebrities.

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27. Luis Fonsi is releasing his new studio album titled 8.

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28. Luis Fonsi marks a new chapter in his career with Palabras Del Silencio, an album that he has devoted two years in creating.

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29. Luis Fonsi is a Grammy-nominated artist and five-time Latin Grammy-winning singer, best known as The Voice of Pop.

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30. Luis Fonsi is one of the leading Latin Music figures of his generation best known as "The Voice of Pop.

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31. Luis Fonsi scores his 20th top 20 hit on the Hot Latin Songs chart, as his new collaboration with Ozuna, "Imposible", arrives at No 11.

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32. Luis Fonsi promised to stay by her side, and traveled with her to Mexico, Miami, and Puerto Rico for various treatment and work-related trips.

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33. Luis Fonsi joined the cast of Broadway's Forever Tango for a two-week engagement in August 2013.

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34. In 1992, Luis Fonsi made a brief cameo in the romance film Como Agua Para Chocolate in which he played the friend of the male lead, Pedro Muzquiz.

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35. In 2014, Luis Fonsi released his album 8, a reference to his eighth career album.

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36. In November 2009, Luis Fonsi was awarded a Latin Grammy Award for "Song of the Year" for his composition "Aqui Estoy Yo".

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37. Luis Fonsi was a part of the Dallas competition where along the side of radio announcer Daniel Luna they chose varies contestants and in their pickings, rising star JC Gonzalez was 1 of the 25 selected.

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38. In 2007, Luis Fonsi was selected to be part of the jury of the new version of the Latino boy band Menudo.

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39. In 2003, Luis Fonsi performed to billions of viewers across the globe at Miss World 2003 in China.

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40. In 1998, Luis Fonsi recorded his debut album, Comenzare.

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41. Luis Fonsi attended Florida State University School of Music on a full scholarship, majoring in Vocal Performance.

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42. In 1995, Luis Fonsi enrolled at Florida State University to study music.

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