16 Facts About Lydia Loveless


Lydia Loveless is an American alternative country singer-songwriter from Columbus, Ohio.


Lydia Loveless's music combines pop music, classic country, honky tonk, and punk rock.


Lydia Loveless is the daughter of Parker Chandler and has two older sisters, Eleanor Sinacola and Jessica, who now performs under the stage name "Jessica Wabbit".


Lydia Loveless grew up on a farm in a rural area outside of Coshocton and was home-schooled.


Lydia Loveless said she felt like an outcast in a town that emphasized religion and conformity until she moved to Columbus, Ohio when she was 14.


Lydia Loveless's family is musical: Loveless' father was a pastor, drummer, and later country-western bar owner for a time.


Lydia Loveless took piano lessons, then began trying to play the guitar at 12.


At a show in Cincinnati where she opened for his band, Lydia Loveless met producer David Rhodes Brown who went on to produce her first album, 2010's The Only Man.


Lydia Loveless was not happy with the slick production of the album.


Lydia Loveless made the record when she was 15 years old.


Lydia Loveless clarified that she likes the songs she wrote, but the drawn-out process to get the album released influenced her feelings about the project.


Lydia Loveless recorded the album with many live takes and a minimum of overdubs at Grove City, Ohio's Sonic Lounge recording studio with engineer Joe Viers.


In February 2014, Lydia Loveless released her third full-length record, Somewhere Else, on Bloodshot Records, which has a dark, "poppy" vibe.


Lydia Loveless released her fourth studio album Daughter through her own label, Honey, You're Gonna Be Late Records on September 25,2020.


Lydia Loveless is an avowed fan of Kesha, and has played "Blind" in her live shows, as well as in a recording featured on her Boy Crazy and Singles release.


Lydia Loveless was married to her bassist, Ben Lamb, who is a graphic artist.