34 Facts About Mack Brown

1. Mack Brown left UNC to accept the head coaching position at Texas.

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2. Mack Brown wants this head coaching job, Kliff Kingsbury could join as OC, report says.

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3. Mack Brown will be the head coach for his second tenure at North Carolina.

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4. Mack Brown left Texas in 2013, and he spent the last several seasons working as an analyst for ESPN.

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5. Mack Brown enjoyed great success at UNC in the mid-1990s before moving to Texas, where he cemented his status as a college football legend.

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6. Mack Brown will be announced as UNC's new football coach as early as Tuesday, said a source with direct knowledge of the negotiations.

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7. Mack Brown has already began assembling his staff, according to that report.

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8. Mack Brown will be announced as UNC's new coach as early as Monday, said a source with direct knowledge of the negotiations.

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9. Mack Brown coached at North Carolina for 10 years before being hired by Texas in 1997.

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10. Mack Brown has spent the past five years as a college football analyst for ESPN but in recent years had expressed an interest in returning to the sideline.

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11. Mack Brown is returning to North Carolina as its head football coach, 247Sports' Inside Carolina reported Monday, citing unidentified sources.

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12. Mack Brown returning as North Carolina head coach, report says.

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13. On Monday, Greg Barnes of 247Sports reported Mack Brown has agreed to a second tenure in Chapel Hill, and.

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14. Mack Brown spent 16 years with Texas, with 158 wins, including the national championship in 2005.

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15. Mack Brown left Texas in 2013 and has spent the last five years at ESPN working as a college football analyst.

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16. Mack Brown won 69 games with the team before moving to Texas in 1998.

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17. Mack Brown agreed to terms with North Carolina on Monday to become the team's next head coach, a source told ESPN.

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18. Mack Brown agreed to terms with North Carolina to become the team's next head coach, a source told ESPN.

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19. Mack Brown went on to lead Texas to eight straight years of double-digit wins, including the 2005 national championship.

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20. Mack Brown has emerged as a front-runner to return to North Carolina as head coach, and the two sides are engaged in talks to try to finalize a deal, sources confirmed to ESPN.

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21. Mack Brown is expected to return as head coach of North Carolina after he and the school have reached an agreement on a contract, reports 247Sports.

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22. Mack Brown has agreed to terms to become the next head coach at North Carolina, a source tells ESPN, pending approval by the university's board.

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23. Mack Brown is set to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame next week, but that is suddenly not the biggest news surrounding the former Texas head coach.

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24. In October 2006, Mack Brown made a cameo appearance in the television pilot for Friday Night Lights.

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25. In 2001, Mack Brown took Texas to their 3rd Big 12 title game.

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26. Mack Brown spearheaded a major renovation to Kenan Stadium that featured upgraded team facilities and an expansion to 60,000 seats.

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27. In 1988, Mack Brown took the head coaching job at North Carolina.

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28. Mack Brown moved back to a role as offensive coordinator for the Oklahoma Sooners during the 1984 season under head coach Barry Switzer.

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29. In 1982, Mack Brown moved to LSU as the quarterbacks coach.

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30. Mack Brown was born as the middle of three boys on August 27, 1951, in Cookeville, Tennessee.

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31. Mack Brown achieved his 200th career win during the 2008 season, making him the first Texas coach to reach that mark.

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32. Mack Brown is credited with revitalizing the Texas and North Carolina football programs.

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33. In November 2018, Mack Brown took the vacant job at North Carolina, replacing Larry Fedora.

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34. In January 2018, Mack Brown was selected to enter the College Football Hall of Fame.

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