10 Facts About Mahmoud Fawzi


Mahmoud Fawzi was an Egyptian diplomat and political figure who was Prime Minister of Egypt from 1970 to 1972 and the vice president of Egypt from 1972 to 1974.


Mahmoud Fawzi's father was a graduate of Dar al'Ulum and the Shari'a Judges School.


Mahmoud Fawzi did his postgraduate studies at the Universities of Liverpool, Columbia, and Rome, and received a PhD in criminal law in 1926.


Mahmoud Fawzi served in many diplomatic posts as a young man, including Egyptian Consul in the Egyptian Consulate in Kobe, Japan, in the early 1930s, beginning in 1926.


Mahmoud Fawzi became Egyptian representative to the United Nations in 1947 and ambassador to the United Kingdom in 1952.


Mahmoud Fawzi was appointed largely because of his fluency in languages, and was known to avoid involvement in politics, always remaining a diplomat.


Mahmoud Fawzi served as foreign minister of Egypt until 1958 when the United Arab Republic, a union between Egypt and Syria was formed.


Mahmoud Fawzi served as foreign minister of the United Arab Republic until its collapse in 1961.


Mahmoud Fawzi served as prime minister until January 1972 and then served as vice-president of Egypt until his retirement in 1974.


Mahmoud Fawzi wrote a book entitled "Suez War" about the 1956 crisis with Israel over the Suez Canal and it was published after his death in 1981.