50 Facts About Maisie Williams


Margaret Constance "Maisie" Williams was born on 15 April 1997 and is an English actress.


Maisie Williams gained recognition and critical praise for her work on the show, and received two Emmy Award nominations.


Maisie Williams has voiced Cammie MacCloud in the American animated web series Gen:Lock.


Maisie Williams co-starred in films such as the romantic period-drama film Mary Shelley, the animated prehistorical sports comedy film Early Man, and the romantic comedy-drama film Then Came You.


In 2019, Maisie Williams jointly developed and launched the social media platform Daisie, a multi-media networking app designed to be an alternative means to help artists and creators in their careers.


Margaret Constance Maisie Williams was born in Bristol on 15 April 1997 to Gary Maisie Williams and Hilary Frances, a university course administrator who later gave up her job to support her daughter's acting career.


The youngest of four siblings - James, Beth and Ted - Maisie Williams was raised by her mother and stepfather in a three-bedroom council house in the village of Clutton, Somerset.

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Maisie Williams went to Clutton Primary School and Norton Hill School in Midsomer Norton school.


Maisie Williams subsequently transferred to Bath Dance College to study Performing Arts, where she trained in musical theatre, ballet, pointe, tap, street, freestyle, gymnastics and trampolining, with the ambition of becoming a professional dancer.


Maisie Williams left school at 14 years old partly due to the successful commencement of her acting career.


Maisie Williams was then home educated, but did not take any education examinations.


At the age of 12, Maisie Williams commenced her professional acting career by co-starring in one of the largest ensemble casts on television.


Maisie Williams almost missed the audition because it coincided with a school trip to a farm; her mother convinced her to go to the audition.


Maisie Williams, who is naturally right-handed but kept in character by performing left handed in the show, did the majority of her own stunts and fight scenes in the series.


Maisie Williams was told a year before the filming of "The Long Night" to build up her stamina for the episode.


Maisie Williams appeared in all eight broadcast seasons of Game of Thrones, the final episode of which aired in May 2019.


Maisie Williams has said that while she looks back at her role as Arya with pride and affection she did not miss that period of her personal life.


Arya was not only younger than Maisie Williams was, but the role demanded that she was made to look boyish with short hair and make up, plus a strap across her chest that made Maisie Williams feel ashamed during her mid teen years as her feminine body developed.


The character did not match who she was becoming in reality nor did Arya resemble what Maisie Williams believed to be attractive, and at the same time she resented her own body for not matching with that of her character's.


Maisie Williams received critical praise and recognition for her portrayal of Arya in the show.


In 2012, Maisie Williams portrayed Loren Caleigh in the three part BBC supernatural thriller series The Secret of Crickley Hall.


Maisie Williams took part in The Olympic Ticket Scalper, a Funny or Die skit.


Maisie Williams appeared in the independent film Heatstroke, and the short film Up on the Roof.


In 2014, Maisie Williams played the lead role of Lydia in the British melodramatic coming of age mystery film drama The Falling, set in an all-girls school, for which she was awarded the London Film Critics' Circle Award for Young Performer of the Year, Evening Standard British Film Award Rising Star and the European Shooting Stars Award at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival for her role in Carol Morley's feature.


In January 2015, Maisie Williams starred as Casey Jacobs in the one-hour-long BAFTA nominated Cyberbully, a Channel 4 docudrama television film.

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In 2015, Maisie Williams guest starred in four episodes of series 9 of the BBC science fiction series Doctor Who, in the recurring role of Ashildr, a Viking girl made immortal by the Doctor.


In 2017, Maisie Williams starred, alongside Bill Milner, as Lucy in the Netflix science fiction teen superhero thriller film iBoy.


From 18 October to 24 November 2018, Maisie Williams starred as Caroline in the stage play I and You, which was written by Lauren Gunderson.


Maisie Williams starred in the eleven-minute short film Corvidae, a dark fairy tale filmed in 2013 and released in 2018, of which Craig Holton of flickfeast commented that Williams brought "an undeniably ethereal quality to this short film, helping it make the leap from grounded realism to eldritch bucolic fantasy".


In 2019, Maisie Williams starred alongside Asa Butterfield and Nina Dobrev in the coming of age romantic comedy-drama film Then Came You, in which she played a teenager with a terminal illness.


Frank Scheck of the Hollywood Reporter felt that Maisie Williams made her "sprightly character appealingly vulnerable".


From 2019 to 2021 Maisie Williams has voiced the role Cammie MacCloud, a mischievous Scottish hacker, in the US animated web series Gen:Lock that is set in a dystopian future, which is broadcast on the Rooster Teeth subscription service.


Maisie Williams plays Kim Noakes, who has been raised in total isolation, living off the grid in the wilderness, by her overprotective doomsday prepping badass survivalist mother, Tina.


The Guardian considers that Maisie Williams "excels in her fish-out-of-water role, flitting between hapless and determined, worldly and childlike".


Also in September, Maisie Williams starred in the 1990s-set psychological thriller The Owners, in which she played Mary, a young woman who reluctantly agrees to participate in a botched robbery with her boyfriend and two other young low level criminals of an old couple's home.


The Hollywood Reporter, while praising McCoy and Tushingham more, felt that Maisie Williams 'used her innate appeal to make her character sympathetic'.


Maisie Williams continued to embrace the punk-rock style for her Pistol press tour, thinking of her own public image the actress said that she was inspired by how Jordan used both her clothing and her physicality as a defiant presence, as a political statement that turned the male gaze in on itself and took control of the situation.


In 2015, Maisie Williams delivered what The Daily Telegraph described as a feminist speech in New York at the launch of Always' "Like a girl" campaign.


The speech was aimed at the Generation Z demographic of which Maisie Williams is a member.


On 2 February 2020, Maisie Williams sang "Let It Go", from the film Frozen, in an Audi commercial that aired during the broadcast of Super Bowl LIV.


Maisie Williams was criticised for lending her celebrity name and financially benefiting from the corporate partnership.


Maisie Williams set up Daisy Chain Productions in early 2016 with Dom Santry and Bill Milner to develop and produce UK-originated short films, theatrical features and high-end television drama, with a focus on opportunities for youth and development of talent in the UK.


In 2017 the short film Stealing Silver, which Maisie Williams executive produced and starred in alongside Ronald Pickup, was the company's first production.


Maisie Williams is based in Shoreditch, in the East End of London.


In 2019, Maisie Williams presented a TEDx talk in Manchester on the topic "Don't strive to be famous, strive to be talented".

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Maisie Williams ended the talk by introducing Daisie as a social network tool for artists to collaborate with each other, and as a way for artists to take back control.


Maisie Williams is the Creative Strategist and advisor to a platform called Contact which was co-founded by Maisie Williams' partner Reuben Selby, who was formerly part of her Daisie team.


Maisie Williams is a global ambassador and campaigner for dolphin trainer Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project, taking part in protests against dolphin hunts.


Maisie Williams has actively supported various campaigns in support of anti-bullying, gay marriage, trans rights, Black Lives Matter, the environmental organisation Greenpeace and the clean water charity WaterAid, and used her status to encourage young people to vote.


At the eve of COP26 November 2021, Maisie Williams delivered the opening address at the premiere of Sir David Attenborough's upcoming television series The Green Planet at Glasgow's Imax cinema.