16 Facts About Maria Hinojosa


Maria de Lourdes Hinojosa Ojeda was born on July 2,1961 and is a Mexican-American journalist.


Maria Hinojosa is the anchor and executive producer of Latino USA on National Public Radio, a public radio show devoted to Latino issues.


Maria Hinojosa is the founder, president and CEO of Futuro Media Group, which produces the show.


In 1992, Hinojosa helped launch Latino USA, one of the earliest public radio programs devoted to the Latino community.


Maria Hinojosa has been the host of the show for its entire 30-year run, and since 2000 has been executive producer.


In 2010, Maria Hinojosa founded Futuro Media Group with the mission to produce multi-platform, community-based journalism that respects and celebrates the cultural richness of the American experience.


Previously, Maria Hinojosa worked for CNN's New York City bureau for eight years, where she reported on urban issues including youth violence and immigrant communities; and she was Senior Correspondent for the PBS news magazine, NOW on PBS.

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Maria Hinojosa has appeared on V-me, the Spanish-language TV network, where she hosted La Plaza: Conversaciones con Maria Hinojosa.


Maria Hinojosa began hosting the National Public Radio show Latino USA in 1995 and continues to host today.


Maria Hinojosa has a cameo in 2021's In the Heights film, playing the part of a protest leader at a DREAMer immigration rally.


Maria Hinojosa was born in Mexico City, the daughter of Berta Maria Ojeda Y de Teresa and Dr Raul Efren Hinojosa Prieto.


Maria Hinojosa moved with her family to the Chicago neighborhood of Hyde Park in 1962 after her father was appointed to the surgical faculty at the University of Chicago.


Maria Hinojosa has won numerous honors and awards for her work, most recently the 2012 John Chancellor Award for Excellence in Journalism.


Maria Hinojosa has won four Emmy Awards, including one in 2002 for coverage of the Sept 11,2001 terrorist attacks and another in 2008 for her work on Taxing the Poor, documenting the plight of the lower class in Alabama.


Maria Hinojosa has been named among the top 25 Latinos in Contemporary American Culture by the Huffington Post.


In 2022, the Pulitzer Prize Board announced that Futuro Media and Maria Hinojosa won a Pulitzer Prize in audio reporting for its seven-part podcast series, Suave.