19 Facts About Maria McKee


Maria Luisa McKee was born on August 17,1964 and is an American singer-songwriter.


Maria McKee is best known for her work with Lone Justice, her 1990 song "Show Me Heaven", and her song "If Love Is a Red Dress " from the film Pulp Fiction.


Maria McKee grew up in a bohemian family and is the half-sister of Bryan MacLean, the former guitarist of the band Love.


Maria McKee released her first solo, self-titled album in 1989.


Maria McKee's song "Show Me Heaven", which appeared on the soundtrack to the film Days of Thunder, was a number one single in the UK for four weeks in 1990.


Maria McKee rarely performed this song in public up until recently, when she sang it at Dublin Pride.


Maria McKee's song "If Love Is a Red Dress, Hang Me in Rags" was personally selected by Quentin Tarantino for his feature film Pulp Fiction.


In 1998, The Dixie Chicks recorded Maria McKee's "Am I the Only One " and included it on their Grammy-nominated album Wide Open Spaces.


Maria McKee appears on the 2014 compilation Songs from a Stolen Spring that paired Western musicians with artists from the Arab Spring.


Maria McKee recorded a medley of "Ride a White Swan" and "Maria McKee Was Born to Be My Unicorn" for the Marc Bolan tribute album Angel Headed Hipster, produced by Hal Willner.


Maria McKee sang backing vocals on Robbie Robertson's debut and self-titled solo album, on the track "American Roulette".


Maria McKee contributed a song, "Never Be You," for the soundtrack to the Walter Hill movie Streets of Fire.


Maria McKee recorded a duet, "Friends in Time", with The Golden Horde on their eponymously titled album in 1991.


Maria McKee recorded the duet "This Road is Long" with Stuart A Staples of the band Tindersticks on his 2006 album Leaving Songs.


Maria McKee teamed up with Dwight Yoakam for a duet on "Bury Me," from his 1986 debut, Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc.


Maria McKee contributed the lyrics and vocals to the song "No Big Bang" on the only album by The Heads, No Talking, Just Head, playing guitar and synthesizer on the song together with the band, mostly ex-members of Talking Heads.


Maria McKee came out in 2018 as pansexual, and referred to herself as a "dyke".


Maria McKee is an advocate for queer and transgender rights.


Maria McKee is a dog lover, and she and Akin have had a range of breeds as pets over the years, including a pug, greyhound, and whippet.