11 Facts About Maria Sinukuan


Apung Sinukuan is the Kapampangan sun god of war and death who lived on Mount Arayat.

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Aring Maria Sinukuan was the sun god of war and death, taught the early inhabitants the industry of metallurgy, woodcutting, rice culture, and waging war.

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Maria Sinukuan had three children, namely, Munag Sumala, the golden serpent god who represented dawn; Lakandanup, the god of gluttony who represented the sun at noontime; and Gatpanapun, the noble god who only knew pleasure and represented the afternoon.

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Maria Sinukuan had a winged assistant named Galura, a giant eagle deity believed to be the bringer of storms, and a wife named Mingan.

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However, when the Spanish arrived, they rebranded Maria Sinukuan as a woman, thinking that the people would not revere the deity if he was a female, not knowing that the great elder deity of the Kapampangan was a goddess named Mangechay.

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Maria Sinukuan is associated with the unusual bounty of the forests in Arayat and with the profusion of animals there.

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Maria Sinukuan did not object to this and allowed them to pick a great load of fruits.

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Maria Sinukuan warned them not to get any fruits from the forest without her permission.

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Maria Sinukuan made the fruit trees and animals in the mountain to disappear.

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Maria Sinukuan or Sinyang, Kunnie, and Aning is a fictional character in Dyosa, a telefantasya being aired by ABS-CBN Network, portrayed by Filipino actress Mickey Ferriols.

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Mariang Sinukuan is a fictional character voiced by Kylie Padilla with her animals Kuneho and Hunyango in Alamat by GMA Network.

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