17 Facts About Mark Parker

1. Mark Parker was stuffed into the back seat of one and the two cars sped off west toward Bogalusa, Louisiana on Mississippi Highway 26.

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2. All of the lie detector tests given Mark Parker proved to be inconclusive or that he was telling the truth.

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3. Mark Parker got out and shone a flashlight into the car.

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4. Mark Parker is a collector of modern and underground contemporary art.

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5. Mark Parker owns a total 3 million Nike shares which have a market value of $228 million dollars, as of this writing.

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6. Mark Parker says that's because of something that Steve Jobs once told him when he was visiting Apple and noticed they didn't have a museum.

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7. Mark Parker has proven to be a supportive leader of Jones's ambitious mission.

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8. Mark Parker designs the Odyssey, a running shoe focused on stability.

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9. Mark Parker joins Nike as a footwear designer and product tester.

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10. Mark Parker found a natural source of inspiration in his artist network, including graffiti artists Stash and Futura 2000, artist and toy designer Kaws, and even rapper Kanye West.

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11. Mark Parker owns three of his pieces, one a blank-check commission.

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12. Mark Parker wears a black stainless-steel Apple Watch, on one wrist and a Nike FuelBand fitness tracker, which the company discontinued last year, on the other.

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13. Mark Parker is something of an oddity in a world of big-ego, headline-grabbing CEOs.

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14. Mark Parker is a soft-spoken shoe designer, known for a thoughtful if demanding management style.

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15. Mark Parker will become a free agent after posting a 3.26 ERA and 1.24 WHIP with a 70:19 K:BB over 66.1 innings a season ago out of the bullpen.

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16. Mark Parker was plucked up off of waivers from the New York Yankees two years and has contributed a combined 2.90 ERA across 133 1⁄3 innings pitched.

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17. In 2015, Mark Parker was named Fortune's Businessperson of the year.

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